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How To Refresh At Home

1. Write a creative piece

Have you ever fancied writing? Even if you don’t, check out various writing prompts available at open publishing markets and see if that changes your mind.

There is a site called Cathy’s Comps and Calls. On this website, you will find many opportunities for submitting micro-content, longform content, prose or poetry and get that creative steam out.

Maybe you would want to write crime fiction or horror stories if your emotions are moving in that direction. One of my favorite websites in this genre is Horror Tree and you can submit your story to this site on posted markets.

It will get your creative gears going and there is also a chance to get contributor copies free of cost. Those would make for some nice bedtime stories for your future kids and you might also get some money for a free dinner.

2. Sustainable origami

Everybody has some papers lying around. Take a look around and collect those papers and start folding them into a variety of shapes and forms. You will eventually grow tired of your creations and then you can use your creations to wipe down everything ranging from your floors to windows or you may even use them as a piece of homemade kindling during the winter months.

3. Reading fort is fun

Does reading refresh you? If that’s the case, choose a comfortable corner in your house and go back to your silent reading days. It will also allow you to take some time off social media. 

You might want to build up a small fort with fluffy pillows. If you have some stuffed animals lying around, get them into your fort to add some texture. Find out which IKEA mattress are comfy to create your cosy space. Also, pay attention to lighting to keep things comfortable. 

4. Physical activity

Play indoor competitive sports with yourself. If space isn’t a problem and it’s acceptable and safe for you, you may want to try: 

Take a ping-pong ball/tennis ball/birdie and smack it against the wall. Keep trying and try to get the highest number of bounces you can get.

Indoor golf is a creative way to move those muscles

Take things lying around and start juggling

Try some new yoga moves or learn new martial arts dances.


Create a TikTok account or video log and narrate your progress by tagging #innercalm or #flexible_people.

Indoor yoga

Make sure you exercise in the morning. A 2020 study has concluded that exercising has an effect on the production of melatonin. Melatonin is responsible for regulating your sleep cycle. Exercising delays its production and if you exercise at a later hour, it might disrupt your regular sleep schedule.

5. Fabric crafts

Have you ever tried knitting? You don’t need to have knitting needles or yarn as you may use chopsticks, arms, fingers, sharpened pencils or try some other ways to build makeshift needles.

If the yarn isn’t readily available, you could use string or twine or the stuff used for tying up meat. Think outside the box. Knitting also allows you the option to undo your work. So, you can create something and then, undo it to complete your catharsis.

Get a sewing kit and some fabric to create your own sleeping mask. If you don’t want to use it personally, it would make a great birthday gift for someone.

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