You love to throw parties for your friends and family, but you don’t like it when you have to throw away so much food the day after. Food wastage is a common problem in America, and one needs to address the issue. On the other hand, many homeless people cannot get food to eat. So, wasting food becomes an issue of morality. Therefore, one may wonder how one can stop food wastage for good. Continue reading this article to learn valuable tips to solve the problem.

Don’t Overcook: Some people tend to cook more than necessary when they throw a party. The same people are likely to over-order food that they don’t need. There is no need to order more food if you are strategic about your approach. When you throw a party, you must count the guest beforehand and arrange for adequate food. You can order different dishes but in smaller proportions, as more food equates to more wastage.

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  • Instead of purchasing food items in bulk quantities, shop less. If you buy more than your requirements, you are likely to waste. Therefore, even if you have to make a few more trips to the grocery shops, purchase food items for the week and not more than that. This will help you get fresh meat and produce items.
  • You can store raw food items for longer in the fridge. But storing cooked food for days might be a problem. Therefore, avoid cooking more than your immediate requirement.

Distribute The Food: If, after a party, you are left with a ton of food that you cannot consume, you can always ask your guests to take a portion of food with them. Your guests will be happy to take their favorite home-cooked meal and enjoy the same later. You can also distribute the food to the local homeless people who need good home-cooked meals.

Store The Food: Storing the food items properly is one of the most common methods of keeping the food fresh. You may store different food items in separate sealed bags to increase their shelf life. For example, you may use one sealed bag for the leftover fruits while another one for served salads.

  • When it comes to meat and fish items, one must pay extra attention to the food. Meat and fishes seem to go bad faster than vegetables. However, there are ways to increase the shelf life of the food groups.
  • One may go for a meat cure to increase the shelf life of meat. The process takes time, but the results are worth waiting for. You can cure meat at home using common salt and other curing agents. Be sure to check out curing time for different meat types.

Meal Prep: Prior preparations always help save food wastage and time. At the very start of the week, decide what you will consume throughout the week. This process will help you be more conscious about your food choices, and you are likely to waste less food. In addition, most health-conscious eaters opt for meal prep techniques that let them have exciting food without relying on restaurants’ food delivery.

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