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How To Read Forex Charts For Beginners?


The forex chart is a price chart of currency pairs. It shows the price movements over a given period. Forex market activity is massive, so it’s not surprising that forex traders have many tools, such as download mt4, to help them interpret this information to make trading decisions. In this article, let’s look at how to read Forex charts for beginners.

How to Read Forex Charts?

The y-axis represents price, and the x-axis represents time. The candlesticks represent price movement. The upper shadow of a candle represents its high, while its lower shadow represents its low; both are known as wicks. If you see three or more wicks on one side of your chart, this could signal a trend reversal (i.e., if it’s been moving up for a while but then starts going down).

There are many different types of forex charts out there, depending upon software such as download mt4–and each has its unique way of showing you what happened with your currency pair over time and space. But in general terms, all forex charts show price action: how much did the currency pair move up or down?

Most forex charts are composed of a series of candlesticks. Candlesticks are like the lines in an EKG: they show you what happened over time and space.

Each candlestick is composed of two parts: a body and two wicks. The body represents how much the currency pair moved during that period.

The y-axis

The y-axis is the vertical axis on a chart. The y-axis shows the price movement of an asset over time, which can be represented by closing prices or high/low prices. It’s also known as the price axis because it shows how much each unit costs and its value.

The x-axis

The x-axis is the horizontal line that runs along the bottom of your chart. It represents time and is used to plot price movements. The left side of this axis shows earlier dates, while its right side shows later ones.

Japanese Candlesticks

Japanese candlesticks are a type of chart used in technical analysis. They were introduced by Japanese rice merchants in the 17th century and used open and closing prices to describe the price action over a given period, rather than just displaying line charts as bar charts do.

Forex charts Interpretation.

The y-axis is the vertical or the left side of your chart. It represents prices and time. The x-axis is the horizontal or right side of your chart. It means time and dates (or bars).

Candlesticks are lines that represent the opening price, closing price and high/low range over a given period (usually one day). They’re used in many different charts, such as candlestick charts and OHLC (open, high, low, close) charts, where they represent each candle’s body and its wick(s).

The candlestick body represents the price range for a given day. The wicks on either end of the body represent that day’s high and low prices. Candles can be green, red or black, depending on whether they’re bullish or bearish. If a candle is green, it’s bullish, meaning that the price closed above its opening price for the day. If it’s red, it’s bearish, implying that the price closed below its opening price for the day.


If you’re looking to get started with Forex trading, it’s vital that you have a good understanding of how charts work and what they mean. Charts provide valuable information about price movements and trends over time that can help determine whether or not it’s an excellent time to buy or sell any given currency pair. They are also used by many professionals when investing in stocks and other assets as well.

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