How To Promote Your Instagram Stories

How To Promote Your Instagram Stories

Instagram is not just any online platform to host business; it has certain exclusive factors and features that provide your business an exponential growth over the years. Not just business Instagram also helps content creators and influencers to market their stuff. Instagram has loads of features to work on and get the best deals and potential followers on the application, one of the best features of Instagram are Instagram stories. Capturing the attention of billions of users, Instagram stories have the potential to mask maximum views for any profile. Instagram has gone further with this feature and modified it to provide its users better experience and promotion through Instagram stories, the new feature added to Instagram stories is the promote button or Instagram story ads.

What is a story promoting button on Instagram or Instagram story ads?

Instagram offers its users a way to promote their top stories in the form of ads, just like any other ad on Instagram. StoriesIG helps you to convert any of your Instagram stories into ads and it would run for the number of hours that you want it to be displayed. Even post 24 hours your story disappears from your wall but it still runs in the form of advertisement. The promote button given in the live story option enables you to promote any story on Instagram and mask your traffic and sales on Instagram by converting your story in the form of an ad .

1.     Instagram story ads run post 24 hours also as ads.

2.     You can convert any archived story or highlight into an ad on Instagram.

3.     The stories are first approved by Instagram and then boosted based on its fulfillment of norms.

4.     The creative elements on the story ad are limited; you can only add up to 5 interactive features on a single advertisement. These interactive features include location stickers, tags, live text, live stickers, hash tags etc.

5.     It helps you promote your story to your target audience easily and in a more efficient way.

How to promote a story on Instagram?

Step 1: To promote any story on Instagram simply click on the live story on your profile to play it.

Step 2: In the lower right corner of the screen there are three dots, press these to reveal the option bar. Now choose the promote option from the menu.

Step 3: A form is displayed on the screen, simply put in the details for your ad. Also mention the number of hours you want the ad to display. Suggest a budget and also select your target audience.

Step 4: Tap next once you have entered all the information and then tap create ad. Your ad will be created post Instagram has reviewed it. You will get a notification for your ads approval and disapproval. The story will disappear from your profile post 24 hours but it will still be circulating as an ad for the number of hours that you have entered.