How to Play baccarat Online at a Casino 

How to Play baccarat Online at a Casino 

Casino gambling is by far and away one of the most popular and iconic things in the world, especially when you throw places like Las Vegas or Monte Carlo into the mix. Just think about it: do you really think James Bond would look so cool if he wasn’t a suave and ruthless poker player? There is no denying how much the grandeur of casino gambling has affected popular culture, however you also have to admit that games like baccarat are often forgotten about. Make sure to also try

Games like blackjack, roulette, poker and slots are amongst the most played casino games these days, but would you believe that baccarat has a history that stretches back far further than most of them? And nowadays, of course, baccarat is available at online casinos, which just makes things even better! Want to know how to play baccarat online at a casino? Read on to find out… 

Baccarat: A quick history 

Oh yes, we really weren’t lying when we said that baccarat had a long and interesting history, with the legendary casino game being said to have its origins in 15th century Italy. The excellently named Felix Falguiere is the man credited with its invention, which takes inspiration from the old Estruscan myth of a virgin who was required to throw a nine side dice. 

As is the case with quite a lot of classic casino table game history, the early version of baccarat crossed over to France, where King Charles VIII and his court absolutely loved it, boosting it’s popularity in the French and other European aristocratic classes. Baccarat entered the modern gambling world in the late 1950s, where it first appeared in Las Vegas. Now it is widespread globally across online and traditional casinos – a true great! 

The rules of baccarat online 

The history of baccarat is interesting enough, but we’re sure what you really want right know is to get a look at how to actually play it. Luckily for beginner gamblers baccarat is a fairly simple game, and is available to gamblers of all skill levels. 

The action really comes down to the dealer, who takes bets and then places 2 face up cards down for each player and the house. The hand that comes closest to 9 wins, which doubles your stake if you also bet on yourself. If the banker hand wins and you have bet on it you will also receive 95% of your wager. 

Different versions of baccarat online to play 

As with most casino table games, there are multiple versions of baccarat online to play these days, with online casino developers keen to get in on the success. These include: 

  • Punto Blanco Baccarat
  • Chemin de Fer Baccarat
  • Super Pan 9 Baccarat

Top tips for online baccarat success 

As we’re nice we will also give you a few top tips for baccarat success, because you need to know more than just the rules to win! Wrap your eyes around these simple tips: 

  • Concentrate on budgeting whilst playing baccarat.
  • Learn your odds and probabilities, just like with blackjack.

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