How to Improve Your Relationships

How to Improve Your Relationships

The coronavirus pandemic tested relationships like no other event in recent memory. In the blink of an eye, people living together who maintained relatively separate lives with work, friends, and other obligations were suddenly spending hours and hours more together each day. It brought some people together and tore others apart. The pandemic was like putting your relationship under a microscope.

If anything, we know life is different now and relationships will never be the same. People realize how fragile life can be and want better, more fulfilling relationships. If you’re looking for ways to improve your relationships, there are things you can do to communicate and support each other better.

We’ve put together some tips on how to strengthen relationships and find happiness. Follow along and give some of these a try if you’re looking for a better way to be with someone you love.

Invest the Time

Most relationships are about time. If you want to express love for someone or find out if they’re the one for you, you need to put in the time to see what’s what. This is true of close friendships and romantic relationships.

Time is typically the best way to express love and support for someone you care about. Find time to do things that both of you enjoy together. Common hobbies, whether they are TV shows or sporting activities, can bond you more closely together and keep your relationship strong. Take a proactive approach and schedule time to be with the people you love.

Give Each Other Some Space

On the other side of the coin, you have to allow your partner, friend, parent, or sibling space when necessary. A lot of people ran into problems during COVID because they spent TOO much time together. You have to be able to carve out space for yourself and give that same time to your partner. Becoming too interdependent can backfire in a big way because you lose sight of yourself.

Maintain Intimacy

In loving relationships, intimacy is critical to maintaining a strong bond. You have to prioritize physical contact and your sexual intimacy if you want to stay closely connected. This is especially important for people with higher sexual desires and who communicate love via intimacy. It doesn’t always have to be about sex, but you must ensure to give and receive touch to stay close together.

Peptides & Sexual Intimacy

Melanotan 2, or MT-2 for short, is a peptide known for its ability to to improve sexual performance on animals. MT-2 is an analog of the alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone. It was developed in the 1980s and is proven effective at reducing compulsive behavior, curbing hunger, and improve sexual perfomance. More research is being done to determine the future medical possibilities and potential FDA approval

Relationship Inventory

A major problem people in relationships face is harboring resentment. It’s very difficult to overcome feelings of resentment that are left to fester for too long. If you want your relationship to improve, you need to address any resentment that exists and prevent it from building up in the future. Open communication is the best way to do this. Communicate with your partner and let them know how you feel. Take stock of where you both are and what you can do to make each other feel better. Be quick to apologize and give acts of service to let your partner know that you love them.

Don’t Criticize

Criticism really has no place in a relationship. Yes, you can offer feedback, but too often we think we’re giving feedback when it comes across as criticism. Hurtful comments can quickly destroy a relationship. Learn to bite your tongue when you’re feeling less than charitable, and save your feedback for the appropriate time and place. People usually become defensive in the face of criticism and things can spiral downward from there.

Praise Often

Instead of criticizing your partner, learn to praise them often. Highlight the things that you love and appreciate about them and let them know regularly. Depending on the relationship, this can feel awkward at first. However, with time, you’ll build a habit of praising each other and building each other up. You become pillars of strength for each other as your fiercest supporters.

Building a strong, loving relationship takes work. It’s just as much about what you do as it is about what you don’t. Find ways to show and express love for your partner. Withhold anything that isn’t positive. When you feel like you need to give feedback, find ways to do it lovingly, with plenty of assurance of your love for your counterpart.