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Identifying Counterfeit Kratom

Online shopping has become increasingly popular, even more so since the beginning of the pandemic. You may be looking to order kratom online but having a tough time identifying authentic products from the counterfeit. We’ve put together a detailed guide on how to spot counterfeit kratom when shopping online.

Identifying Kratom Scams

Kratom is quickly becoming a popular product across the globe. With the increase in demand, there are a growing number of retailers that are operating on e-commerce platforms. Unfortunately, an increase in retailers comes with an increase in disreputable sale sites and vendors, as well as fake products. With such a variety of websites to buy the different veins of kratom from, you may be wondering which sites are safe and sell the best quality kratom capsules or powders.

Identifying kratom scams or untrustworthy sites can be relatively easy if you know what to look out for. One of the basic principles you should follow is to thoroughly read through the retailer’s web pages. If there are any spelling mistakes, images that won’t load or are of poor quality, as well as not having ‘contact’ or ‘about’ pages, this should be a red flag. Legitimate vendors should clearly share their about and contact information so that you can understand who and where you are buying your products from. There should also be detailed descriptions of the products themselves as well. If you feel like there is a lack of transparency from the retailer, then you’re probably better off buying from somewhere else.

Before buying it is also wise to take a look at the policies of the company. Especially the return policy. If there are no guarantees in place or ways of getting your money back, for if you are unhappy, then you may want to avoid buying from these types of vendors.

How to Avoid Fake Kratom

One of the ways to try and determine the quality of the kratom you are buying is through price. Keep an eye on the market and compare websites to see what is on offer. Although there are normally price differences with higher quality kratom being more expensive, if you find a product that is very, very cheap, this could be an indicator that the kratom is fake or not pure. It is also important to read reviews and verified testimonials. The more reviews a company has, the better. Fake reviews can be spotted if there are only a few reviews and if the company consistently gets 5-star ratings. It is impossible to please everybody and under normal circumstances, a review page will reflect varied opinions and testimonials.

You may be asking yourself how you can identify fake kratom and what it is exactly. A fake product may be a different botanical of a similar colour that is sold to you in capsule or powder form. It could also be old, contaminated, or adulterated. Kratom powder can be mixed with other herbal or non-herbal products and you will not be able to identify that it has been tampered with until after you have bought the product. For your health and wellbeing, try to buy the best quality possible.

With a rise in online kratom vendors, you need to be mindful of where you buy your products from. Be careful and analyse the website and reviews of any retailer before you make a purchase. Fake kratom products can be bad for your health. Use these tips if you are cautious to buy online as it will help you in your decision making.

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