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How to have healthy intimate relationships?

Unlike pasta, there is no one recipe of a successful relationship. Everyone has their quirks, and thus, they might set the tone of their relationships accordingly.

However, still, there must be some semblance of order to your relation. There are certain toxic traits that you should not be tolerating.

Similarly, there are some traits and characteristics that you should be working towards. Knowing these can then help you maintain a healthy relationship, with your quirks adding spice to your life!


You both should be on the same page when it comes to certain pertinent matters. For example, what will be the state of your finances. What your birth control will be like, so you can visit the Best Gynecologist in Karachi accordingly. When you want to have children and how many etc.


Having effective communication is vital for any relationship, especially a romantic one. You might expect your partner to have an epiphany about your mood but give them the margin of being flawed human beings.

Moreover, unless you tell your partner what’s bothering you, it will also be very difficult for you to resolve the problems later as well.

Also, know that communication is not just about talking, but listening is also just as important. Listen to what your partner wants, listen to their complaints, and then work on resolving them so you both can have a healthier relationship.

Love yourself 

Unless you love yourself, you cannot love your partner as well. Loving yourself is not about being a narcissist but about valuing and respecting yourself. Otherwise, it not only makes you vulnerable to abuse, but it also can limit your growth.


You cannot have a good and healthy relationship without honesty. You cannot pretend to fake it throughout the relationship, so don’t lie to your partner, or yourself for that matter.

You should not have to hide your differences. Be honest about them. Take ownership of your emotions, and relay them honestly to your partner for the sake of full disclosure.

Accept the differences

Just because you are in a relationship does not mean that you have to be on the same page about everything. However, this is not how real life works; we all have our subjectivities defined by our different experiences.

As long as you are aligned with regards to the more pertinent matters, it is okay if they like black and you like red. Sometimes, it is the opposites that attract!

Apologize, it’s okay

Protect your relationship, not your ego. If you were in the wrong, apologize. And don’t just say sorry for to resolve the conflict but mean it. Be genuinely apologetic.

Let your apologies be a moment of growth for you, so that you don’t repeat things that hurt your partner

Fights are fine

People think that if they are in a perfect relationship, they will not have any fights. However, friction in a relationship is something incorrigible.

Fights are not as bad as you made them out to be, as long as you always deal with the point of conflict, rather than just shoving it under the rug. It also helps to have some ground rules when it comes to fights, so that you both know what the absolute limit of the fight is.

Protect your sexual rights

In a romantic relationship, sex is important. What sort of sexual chemistry you set is completely your own prerogative. However, in your sexual endeavors, you must not be selfish, or take selfishness from your partner.

Sex is about mutual pleasure, and so, if your needs are not being met, talk to your doctor about it. It may also have to do with sexual dysfunction as well; some women have pelvic floor problems, that can make having sex painful for them. If you suspect such an issue, you should talk to your Gynecologist in Lahore about it.

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