How to Get Your Team Excited for Business Travel

How to Get Your Team Excited for Business Travel

Teams don’t always get excited about business travel. That’s a shame because business travel can be great. A good trip is good for business.

Motivating a team can be difficult. But it’s not impossible. You just need to know the tricks.

Here are some ways you can motivate your team for your next trip.

  1. Pick a Good Destination

No one wants to travel to a boring place.

Think about where everyone in your group wants to go.

They probably don’t want to go to the same place that they went last year. You need to change things up every once in a while.

It’s impossible to find a destination that suits everybody. Some people prefer cities, whereas others like laid-back scenery.

Think about what your staff likes. If they tend to be a more active group, a place with hiking opportunities is a better idea. If they like seeing the city and hitting the town, pick a big city.

If you frequently conduct business trips, try to change things up.

There’s no reason to go to the same place all the time, even if it is nice. Here is a list of the best cities to visit for business in 2022.

It’s not about where you want to go.

It’s about where your team wants to go.

  1. The Perfect Place to Stay

Once you’ve selected a destination, pick a place.

Hotels offer good group rates and are generally ideal for work trips.

Apartment rentals and more rugged options are great for family vacations. On business trips, the quarters can get cramped. Everyone should have their own room.

Hotels should have good amenities. Someone in your staff probably wants to hit the gym. Make sure there is a fitness center and spa.

Check if there’s a restaurant and bar. Some people will probably want to socialize at the end of the day.

Double-check that the hotel has facilities for the business portion of the trip.

There should be a conference room with a place for presentations.

Make sure there is free WIFI and that other business-related amenities are there. You should have enough plugs for laptops and other electronics.

Ideally, breakfast should be included in your rate.

  1. Don’t Make them Pay

Your team is working.

They shouldn’t have to spend money to work.

That doesn’t mean that every single thing on the trip has to be paid for. You don’t need to spend money on your employee’s drinks at the bar.

Meals and transportation costs should also be included.

You’re asking people to spend time away from their families. They don’t have the things they are comfortable with. They might be stepping out of their comfort zone.

Make things easy for them by giving them some freebies.

That can be anything as cheap as a cup of coffee.

To really make your team happy, throw in some free activities.

  1. Teambuilding Activities

Turn your next business trip or conference into a trip to remember.

Here are some ideas of teambuilding activities to do on your next company retreat. Some of them may seem silly, but people will have fun.

Make sure you choose activities everyone is comfortable with. It’s okay to push people out of their comfort zone a bit. But they shouldn’t be forced to do anything they don’t want to do.

Teambuilding activities can be simple games. Or you could pick something more intense.

Do some sightseeing or visit a nearby national park. Get people out and moving.

Even if the hotel is nice, you don’t want to spend all day there.

  1. Flexibility

Things don’t always go as planned.

You need to have backup plans in place for when things go wrong.

Employees can get sick, have a family emergency, or the hotel could not be up to your standards. In the worst case scenario, the trip could even have to be canceled.

Keep an open mind and be ready for when things go wrong.

There are things that are out of your control. Things won’t always go as planned.

There’s nothing wrong with that.


A business trip or corporate retreat could change your business for the better. Make sure to keep these things in mind when planning your next trip.