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How to get rid of mice in such a simple way

A mouse is a cute little thing that stays around us. You have grown up watching tom and jerry, and whenever we see any mouse, the name jerry comes on our mind. But mice aren’t as innocent as they look. Fall and winter are the best seasons for mice. They want to have a warm place and want to increase the number of them. But they also can enter your house in other seasons. So one day you will notice some mice and the other day caught 3 mice how many more are in my house. They can chew the box and damage the wall of your beautiful house. In top of that, mice carry dangerous bacteria. Your children and anyone on your house can affect with such diseases. So, getting rid of mice is the only solution for you. So how to get rid of mice read more to find out.

Find the entry point

Most of the time, people just put traps randomly all around the house. It might be helpful sometimes but to do the best out of betting look for the entry point of the mice. If you manage to find the entry point of the mice, then it becomes a lot easier to set the trap accordingly. Then the traps will be more useful then placing them randomly. But the professional will find the spots easily and necessary actions.

Bought traps from shop

Traps are handy in terms of mice. A little piece of peanut butter is enough to set the traps. You can also go for pest control. Pest control ensures the best quality of mice control. You may wonder how much is pest control. Go to the link to find out about the pest control if you want to get rid of mice form your home.

Use steel wool and chalk to seal up the house

Now you have ensured all the mice in your house gets the best punishment now it is time to make sure all your gaps are well sealed. If you have a gap in your house, the mice will keep coming from the outside, and the trap will be no use for you. The opening size of a dime is enough to make the mice way to your house. On the other hand, rats can fit in the size of a quarter. But the good news is rats and mice can eat steel wool and caulk. Manage to cover your house with these things. The probability of mice in your house will close to zero. So, make sure to check if your house has any gap anywhere. A small hole can cause significant destruction to your house.

Check your garage

If you have a garage, then there is a big possibility that there are mice. In the winter season mice like to have some warm place. So, your car engine can be a great place for mice. After you stop the car the engine stays hot for quite some time. That’s where the mice take rest. If you have a garage, make sure to check the garage properly. They can start cutting wires of your car and even cause massive damage to your car.

Use airtight container

if you have a plenty amount of cereal or pantry items, make sure to use airtight canister or container to contain them. The rats won’t be able to pass the container. Most of the people don’t care about pet food. But pet food is also another source of food for mice. So, make sure to seal them too.

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