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How to Elevate Your Garden Aesthetics with Statues ?

Sculptures are not only meant for indoor decoration. It adds color to your garden look beautiful. If you think of improving its aesthetics, adding statues to it will be a brilliant idea.

However, to get the best from the sculptures, there are many factors to consider before choosing suitable statues. There are also ways to position the statues to make them look perfect. This article will discuss this and more.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Statues for Your Garden

It is essential that the statues in your garden perfectly fit the garden. Otherwise, the field may look like an ancient shrine. Therefore before choosing statues for your garden aesthetic upliftment, consider the following factors :

  • Your Garden Space

Since the sculptures are not the primary object in your garden, there must be sufficient space around them. The number of statues and their sizes will depend on the size of your garden. There is no point erecting a dozen statues in a small space. A giant statue will be fine in a big garden, but if you have a small garden, also keep your sculptures small.

  • The Landscape

The statues you choose must blend with your garden’s landscape. If you are erecting a statue close to a pond, let it be a water-loving object like a turtle, crocodile, or water bird. A statue of a human head or a figurine will sit better in the middle of flowers, and Greek statues are beautiful on plain land.

  • Other Features in the Garden

You should also consider the type of plants you have in your garden and other garden features. The sculptures must complement other artistic and decorative elements of the garden.

How to Position Your Garden Statues

Choosing suitable statues for your garden is not enough. You must also place them in the right place in your garden. The first consideration is that your sculptures are for your garden’s visitors; hence they must be located where they can be easily seen. A big and bold statue will be perfect at the entrance of your garden to welcome your visitors. Such figures are also okay at the corners of your garden. Your visitors will likely look straight at the edges of your garden once they are inside. Hence, their attention will quickly be drawn to the giant sculpture.

Statues are also good in the middle of flowers or under the shade of trees and shrubs. Flowers, trees, and shrubs are naturally beautiful and are among the centers of attraction in the garden. Hence, having a statue near them will complete the beautiful view.

If you have a waterfall or a pond, it will be a good site for erecting one or more statues. However, make sure the statue fits the water body, and its size is per the size of your pond.

Best Material for Your Garden Statues

The choice of the material for your garden statues will depend on your preference, weather condition, and budget. Your environmental condition comes first. Remember, your statutes are going to stay alone outside for years. Hence you must consider materials that can withstand their environment. Will, there be a shade for the statues, or will they be exposed to direct sunlight ? How intense is the sunlight in your garden ? How heavy is the rainfall in your area ? These are among the crucial questions you must answer before deciding on the material for your statues.

However, you must not ignore your preference. If you love natural stones more than cast stones, then go for it. If you prefer ceramics, it is also fine.

Natural stones and cast stones are the best options for outdoor garden statues as they are strong, non-porous, and have good resistance to environmental attack. Concrete and ceramics are cheaper alternatives but are porous and can be affected by rain and the environment.

Metallic statues are fine and preferred if you are considering moving the statues from one place to another. However, they are prone to corrosion and are not ideal where rainfall and pollution are high. Wood should be among the last options to consider for your garden, except there are no other options.

The Take-Away

Using statues to beautify your garden is a good idea. However, you must choose the suitable statues, the right material, and the right location to get the best out of the sculpture. Factors to be considered before selecting the statues for your garden include the size of your garden and the landscape. Also, make sure you place the statues to be easily seen and consider a material that can withstand outdoor weather conditions. Finally, you can shop for statues and sculptures on the website Heka Statue.

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