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How to determine the cause of NC grinder failure?

There are many kinds of CNC systems of CNC grinder, but no matter what kind of CNC system, the following methods can be used to comprehensively judge the fault in case of fault.

Intuitive method

It is to use people’s senses to pay attention to the phenomenon when the fault occurs and judge the possible part of the fault. If there is a fault, check whether there is abnormal sound and spark, where there is burnt position, and where there is abnormal heating, and then further observe the surface condition of each circuit board that may have a fault, such as whether there is burnt, blackened place on the circuit board or whether there is burst place of electronic components, so as to further narrow the inspection scope. This is a basic and simple method, but it requires grinder maintenance personnel to have certain maintenance experience.

Using the hardware alarm function of CNC system

The alarm indicator can judge the fault. There are many alarm indicators on the hardware circuit board of the NC system, which can roughly determine the location of the fault.

Make full use of the software alarm function of CNC system

CNC system has self diagnosis function. During the operation of the system, the self diagnosis program can be used to quickly diagnose the system. Once the fault is detected, the fault will be displayed on the form screen in the form of alarm or the alarm lights will be lit immediately. During maintenance, the fault of the cnc milling services can be found according to the alarm content prompt.

Diagnosis function using status display

The CNC system can not only display the fault diagnosis information, but also provide various states of grinder diagnosis in the form of diagnosis address and diagnosis data. For example, it provides the input / output signal state of the interface between the system and the grinder, or the input / output signal state of the interface between PC and CNC device and between PC and the grinder, The status display of the display screen can be used to check whether the CNC system inputs the signal to the grinder or whether the switch information of the grinder has been input to the CNC system. In short, the fault can be distinguished whether it is on the side of the grinder or on the side of the NC system, so as to narrow the inspection scope of the fault of the NC grinder.

In case of failure

The CNC system parameters shall be checked in time: the change of system parameters will directly affect the performance of the grinder, and even cause the grinder to fail, and the whole grinder cannot work. The external interference may cause the change of individual parameters in the memory. When some inexplicable faults occur in the grinder, the parameters of the NC system can be checked.

Spare parts replacement method

When the grinder fault is analyzed and it is found that it may be a couple fault of the circuit board, the spare parts board can be replaced, and the faulty circuit board can be quickly determined. However, the following two points should be noted when using this method:

① pay attention to the position of each adjustable switch on the circuit board. When changing the board, pay attention to make the setting state of the two circuit boards exchanged completely consistent, otherwise the system will be in an unstable or not better state, or even give an alarm.

② After replacing some circuit boards (such as CCU board), it is necessary to reset or input the parameters and programs of the grinder.

Use the detection terminal on the circuit board

There is a detection terminal on the circuit board for measuring the circuit voltage and waveform, so as to determine whether this part of the circuit works normally during debugging and maintenance. However, when testing this part of the circuit, you should be familiar with the circuit principle and the logical relationship of the circuit. When the logic relationship of NC grinder is not familiar, two identical circuit boards can be compared for detection, so as to find the fault of the circuit board.

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