How to choose the right shade of brown felt hat?

How to choose the right shade of brown felt hat?

Choosing the color of felt hat is a very important process. Brown felt hats are some of the most popular felt styles in men’s fashion, and knowing how to pick out your perfect shade can mean a beautiful addition to any ensemble.

Felt has a long history in menswear that dates back hundreds of years, with many cultures finding felt hats utilitarian, authoritative, and dignified. Making felt with pure wool is challenging; the raw material must be mixed with water, pressed through a sieve, dried, rewashed and refried to make felt.

Today felt is often used in fashion among both sexes because of its durability and versatility. Felt can be crafted into anything from a sturdy cowboy hat to a floppy summer sunhat, making it one of the most popular materials for felt fashion accessories.

Brown felt hats come in a variety of colors including brown felt hat color options that include russet brown felt hats, chocolate brown felt hats, or even lighter shades such as caramel or tan felt hats. Brown isn’t the only option either; other colors may be suitable based on your complexion. When selecting felt, colors that are slightly darker or lighter than your skin tone are suggested to ensure a flawless look with any outfit combination.

What did Brown feel hat color is right for me?

Generally, neutrals are versatile choices; however, finding felt in colors that compliment your complexion is most important when it comes to felt style. If you wear gold jewelry and have warmer skin tones olive felt hats may be an attractive choice for you; if you find silver accents suit you better with neutral undertones, light brown felt hats may be more suitable. It’s helpful to keep in mind the quality of felt is also based on its hue; purer hues will appear richer whereas duller hues may appear cheaper (and typically come with a lower price tag).

With felt in so many colors, it’s easy to find felt hats in shades that complement your complexion. Brown felt hat color isn’t an exact science; there is no universal shade that flatters every skin tone. As always when shopping for felt fashion accessories, making note of what you already own can be helpful in determining felt hat color options that are ideal for accessory coordination with any accessory combination. If you’re unsure, bring along a few escort cards with photos on them to make sure you select the best felt hat color.

What styles are available?

  • Felt hats come in a variety of styles including caps, fedoras, cowboy hats, and newsboys. Generally speaking all felt hats fit tightly around your head to ensure the felt hat doesn’t fall off during any activity.
  • Fedoras are felt hats with a shorter, domed brim and pinched octagonal crown. Fedoras are versatile felt hat style because they work well for both casual looks as well as classic formal felt hat styles.
  • Cowboy felt hats are similar to fedoras but have a wider brims that come down over the ears which is practical for keeping sun or rain out of your eyes. Cowboy felt hats also tend to be less expensive than other felt hat styles since these felt hats aren’t usually made from high quality felt material.
  • Newsboys, on the other hand, were originally designed in the 1930’s by Christian Dior specifically for young boys who wore them as both felt hat style and part of their school uniform. Typically made with felt in solid felt hat color, newsboy felt hats have a distinctively flat top crown and short brim.
  • Though felt hats come in so many different styles, from casual to formal felt hat styles, brown felt is a classic choice that will never go out of style. Brown felt hats are perfect for completing an entire man’s ensemble or adding a final touch to a vintage woman’s dress up costume. If you’re looking for the ultimate accessory this fall check out felt hat color options in brown at your local thrift store or vintage boutique to find a unique gem that you can treasure for years to come!


Using felt in felt hat color can be a great way to add uniqueness to any felt fashion accessory. When selecting felt, brown felt hats are classic choices that will never go out of style. These felt hats come in a variety of styles including newsboy felt hats, cowboy felt hats and fedoras. With so many options available, you’re sure to find felt hats in felt hat color that complement your complexion and express your unique style.