How to Choose the Right Fins

How to Choose the Right Fins

1. What type of Fin Box does your Board Use?

This seems like the obvious question. It takes half of the fins off the table, and allows you to focus.

2. How much do you weigh?

Fins are just like surfboards. They are sized according to surfer’s weight. The typical size range is XS to L, and then up to XL. Knowing your weight will help you eliminate up to 75% of the options off the wall. If you’re near the cut line for fin size, those who are aggressive and push through turns can size up. Those who don’t push through the turns as hard will likely prefer the smaller size. You should also know that smaller-tailed boards prefer smaller fins because they can be surfed at higher speeds. Super-wide boards, however, will need larger fins to compensate for the increased tail area.

FCS Size Chart

XS under 120lbs

S:120 – 155 Pounds

M:140 – 175lbs



Futures Size Chart

XS75-115 Pounds

S:105 to 155 lbs

M:145 to 195 lbs

L:180 lbs+

3. What Waves will you surf the board in?

Different fin designs can be used for different types of waves, just as different boards have different designs. Fins with a narrower leading edge are more efficient at fitting more turns in tight spaces. These fins are best suited for beach breaks with limited space. These fins are also useful in fast-breaking waves, where you need to move quickly and get the ball rolling. For long, drawn-out turns, the fin will have more rake. How does this feel? They will feel confident and solid when they draw out a long-radius, high-speed turn. The more vertical fin will feel anxious and skittish as it wants to start the turn earlier.

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