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How To Choose A Wedding Suit?

When a loved one gets married, friends and family can come together to toast the beginning of a new chapter. You’re probably looking forward to the wedding, but you might need help with what to wear. In Sydney, New South Wales, a groom’s outfit typically costs more than $1,500. There are numerous possible fashion errors to avoid, such as appearing overdressed or wearing something that does not adhere to the dress code. Since every wedding is unique, there are many choices for a wedding suit. You can get suggestions about the style of attire the bride and groom would want to see from their guests based on the wedding’s location, time of year, and theme. Here are a few things you must and must not do when choosing wedding suits in Sydney.

Dressy Or Semi-Formal

The wedding will likely have a formal or semi-formal dress code, so a tuxedo is unnecessary unless it is a black-tie event at a prestigious venue. Choose a traditional notch lapel for a more reserved appearance or a peak lapel for a touch of understated style if you’re wearing a tuxedo. Unfortunately, many men erroneously equate formal attire with business suits.

Dressing In A Relaxed Manner

Couples are increasingly selecting intimate outdoor ceremonies as a result of COVID-19. Many modern weddings have a laid-back vibe with plenty of natural elements, mismatched furniture, bistro-style food, and a casual dress requirement for attendees. Even if there is a relaxed dress code, shorts and a T-shirt aren’t appropriate attire. Casual wedding clothes are only a notch more formal to give you an idea than what you may wear to the office. A waistcoat is a good option when you want to look casually elegant without wearing a jacket. The success of a casual look may be attributed in part to the wearer’s attention to detail in selecting a few well-chosen accessories.

Things to Think About in Practice

How soon is the wedding, and where will it be held? Wearing a breezy ensemble of pastels, chambray, and linen for an outdoor summer reception is a great way to stay comfortable and stylish. However, if you anticipate cooler temperatures, your choice of clothing should revolve around donning a jacket.

Pick Your Flavor

Though a wedding is a great occasion to experiment with your style, it’s important to remember that a well-fitting suit is essential.


The slim-cut suit is a wardrobe essential for today’s young professionals. Some men, however, make the mistake of wearing an unattractive skintight style. A double-breasted jacket is a great alternative to a slim fit if you’re going for a contemporary look.


If you need more clarification on your size, go for a customised fit; this style’s negligibly boxy jacket and short pant legs make it very forgiving. If you want a more flattering shape, don’t be afraid to have a few modifications done. A tailor can shorten or lengthen the sleeves and legs to perfection if the jacket needs to sit right on your shoulders and chest. For a more contemporary look, try requesting pants with tapered legs.


A loose suit strikes the perfect balance between formal and informal. Lightweight materials like linen or cotton will produce a lot of movement, making it possible to appear fashionable even with only a T-shirt. Look out for slouchy or boxy fits when shopping for casual wedding suits in Sydney. Men with narrow shoulders and a larger waist will look best in this style, while those with broader shoulders should opt for a more tailored fit.

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