How to Avoid the Hair Shedding of Human Hair Wigs?

How to Avoid the Hair Shedding of Human Hair Wigs?

Most problems of hair shedding stem from the way you use and maintain your human hair wigs. We should be careful of the ways of hair combing, styling and lace handling, the good ways of hair care can reduce the possibility of hair shedding of human hair wigs.

We Can Prevent Hair Shedding of Human Hair wigs Through the Following Maintenance Tips:

1. Avoid Using Hair Care Products With High Alcohol.

These products can cause hair damage, hair breakage and hair fall off of human hair wigs, so it is better to find a special care product of human hair wigs with low alcohol to avoid hair damage.

2. Use a Wide Tooth Comb or Pad Brush

The wide tooth comb is more gentle to the hair and can prevent the damage to the hair caused by excessive force. Make sure your hair is dry when combing it.

3. Braid Your Hair or Wear a Silk Nightcap.

If you are going to sleep with a human hair wig, braid your hair to prevent tangles. Gently comb your hair before braiding, then wrap it in a hair towel. Wear a silk nightcap will reduce the friction between the hair and the pillow, so as not to cause some tangles or hair strands to break and fall out.

4. Hang Your Human Hair Wig on the fluoxymesterone description Wig Holder

If you take off your human hair wig and are not going to wear it recently, or you cleaned your hair, you need to put it on the wig shelf in a cool, dry and ventilated place. Hanging the human hair wig can avoid tangled hair.

5. Avoid Using Hair Dryer

Drying your hair with a hair dryer will damage your hair and make it dry, resulting in hair loss. After washing your hair, the best way is to let it dry.

As long as we are diligent in the good ways of hair nursing and maintenance, the hair shedding of your human hair wigs will gradually away from us.

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