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How Real Estate Websites can help you sell more real estate properties in 2022

If you own a real estate agency, you’ve surely struggled during the pandemic. It was complicated to show houses to prospects and even more difficult if you have no online identity in the form of a really good website.

Aleph Website  has developed many websites, and helped real estate businesses develop website strategies for their marketing efforts. This article goes to explain some of the tactics you can implement to sell more in 2022.

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1. Exhibit portfolio of properties

The pandemic has shown us that people, not only want to move everything online, but also can move everything online. So is the case here for real estate businesses. Make sure to exhibit your portfolio so everyone can have an overview and check these properties.

Additionally, having all your properties listed out you can, using Google Analytics, see which one is the most viewed and based off of that you can display more similar properties.

2. Lead Generation

Based on the user behavior on your website, you can develop a content marketing strategy that will help you collect lead information on your website.

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An example would be, if a user visits a certain page, you can offer them a Freebie, a Downloadable, or have an opt-in form for consultancy.

Interested visitors will fill out the form and obtain that which they wanted. You now have their data and you can warm and nurture this lead with valuable information ultimately converting them to a client.

3. Use Social Proof to build trust with your audience

Many real estate business have poor social media profiles. You need to have a strong follower base and make sure to constantly upload new materials for your viewers.

This serves as means of promoting new properties, but also as a social proof for anyone who is coming across your company for the first time.

A beautifully designed websites supported with strong social media profiles serves as social proof that you’re business is good, legitimate and that you have gained loyalty due to good business practices.

Consequently, people will choose you over competition. Not only that, but this small tactic can give you leverage to negotiate higher prices.

4. Hire Aleph Website to build you a GREAT website

Just having a website is not enough, at least not to have a competitive edge.

You need a website that will make you stand out. A website that will speak with clarity to your audience and represent the top-notch of real estate.

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People visiting your website and social media profiles need to be convinced WAY BEFORE THE FIRST CALL, or showing the property.

This is why we recommend Aleph Website  as the source of authority when it comes to building websites. They have 10+ of experience in the field and they are more than capable of building you a great website.

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TOTAL COST $2,500 $4,500

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