How Multiple Displays Can Give You An Edge on Trading

How Multiple Displays Can Give You An Edge on Trading

As a hedge fund manager, Paul Tudor Jones famously said: “Don’t focus on making money: focus on protecting what you have”. In essence, the top traders know how to optimize their trading strategy along with a solid risk management approach. That’s why they need the best equipment. They don’t want to worry about data not updating properly. Instead, they focus on the numbers and the data trends. Find out more details on the best equipment with this store here. You can even send your name, email address to get the latest updates on any 6 monitor setup.

Improve your Trading with a 6 Monitor Setup

You need a solid trading strategy before you even sit down in front of multiple monitor setups. It’s also important to understand how to analyses your data points and what to track.

Like everything in life, there’s a learning curve. Some traders even run a dummy account off the system before trading with real markets. This gives them the chance to fine-tune their strategy before jumping into trading with your monitor setup.

Whether you start with two, three or go straight to multiple monitors, here are the key benefits you can expect from a multi-monitor setup:

  • Organize your workflow
  • Instant snapshot of your data points
  • Fast response time
  • Watch multiple markets
  • Follow news and communications
  • Monitor sentiment indexes

Organize your workflow

As you set up as a trader, you’ll need to work out what style and schedule you want to follow. For instance, day traders look at short time frames and tend to do full days at their setup. On the flip side, position traders look at weeks, months, or even years and so can dip in and out of trading with their 6 monitor setup as their schedule allows.

Whatever type of trader you become, you’ll need to know what charts and tickers to monitor as well as which time frames. As you determine your data points, you’ll be able to work out which ones are more important. Those will tend to be in the centre of your monitor setup.

You might also want to note a word of warning about your power supply. If you’re on a laptop, make sure you don’t suddenly lose power in the middle of a trade. Furthermore, you don’t want to get caught up in your cables and accidentally pull the power out so make sure your power supply unit isn’t too far away. As an aside, most ports require cables to be one of HDMI, VGA, DVI, USB, or DisplayPort.

Instant snapshot of your data points

Your desktop or laptop most probably has an integrated graphics card to power your display. This video card is what allows your 6 monitor setup to update your charts and graphs effectively. Most traders look for the top graphics cards brands Radeon and NVIDIA because this component is so critical.

Fast response time

Your graphics card is also how you get your data points updated quickly and efficiently. So much so that some traders even get an extra graphics card to connect to their motherboard.

Of course, your monitor screens also have a role to play in response time. Although, most traders opt for the lower end of the LCD range and choose TN panels. That’s because they offer more than enough response time and resolution quality for a reasonable price.

Screen size is completely your choice and what you think will make you the most comfortable. Don’t forget you’ll probably be spending hours at a time in front of your screens. Most traders go for a 6 monitor setup with 24-inch screens but you can easily go up to a 27 or even a 30 inch screen if you prefer.

Watch multiple markets

The great part of having a 6 monitor setup is that you essentially have a huge desk space to lay everything out on. You can then easily monitor several markets, news sources and also keep track of your brokerage platform.

All this regardless of whether you have a Mac or Windows 10. Although, there are some subtle differences between the platforms available on each operating system. You might therefore want to do your research before you invest in a new computer.

Monitor sentiment indexes

Another advantage of a 6 monitor setup is that you have the space to also follow sentiment indexes. This extra piece of information helps you understand the speculative interest going on in the market. You’ll be able to see what positions different traders are taking and use this as another piece of data to decide on your next trade.

Key Takeaways for Becoming a Top Trader with a 6 Monitor Setup

To be the best, we need the best tools. That’s why traders invest in multiple monitor setups although today’s prices are very affordable. Of course, everyone has a different style so you’ll need to work out your optimum approach with your 6 monitor setup. Then, you can focus on the numbers and the trends and be the best trader you can be.

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