Interior designers enhance the aesthetics of your homes in alignment with your needs. Their fees are contingent on the size of the house and the type of services availed. It is also subjective and varies with every designer. They work in tandem with architects to conceptualize their designs, allocate space planning, manage different elements, execute strategies, and coordinate with other parties.

Interior designers in Bangalore adorn the space following your likes. Some people like minimal spaces, some others like vibrant, and still others might like an old-school vintage charm. It is the interior designer’s responsibility to soak in everything that their clients expect and deliver flawlessly.

Interior designers in Bangalore devise superior plans to make the best use of the available space and get creative with it. They focus on functional design, which is not the same as an architect. Their job revolves around technicalities like placing the sofa, deciding upon tiles, lamps, etc.

They maneuver the spaces but cannot alter the location of walls of any other solid structure. To do so, they collaborate with architects, contractors, and engineers. Interior designers are highly skilled and acquainted with construction, fabrics, color palettes, sustainable designs, and healthcare regulations.


1) Amount of work

There are different types of interior designers- some who merely allocate the space and others who also help you select items for the house. It is better to choose the latter because they have been with you at every step of constructing the home and understand your needs the best.

They are also extensively connected with different sellers and can hook you up with better pricing. Some who procure the items look after the carpentry work, and its installation can ensure a seamless transition and less hassle for the client. Depending on which service you choose, a price is decided.

Design-specific planners are involved with space allocation and other creative intel. They do not engage in procuring and might charge less. Their fees can fluctuate between Rs. 4,000-6,000 per view.

2) Per sq ft

The price can also be determined by using the area as a parameter. The designer typically charges 10 rupees per sq ft and can oscillate to 100 rupees also. This is inclusive of all services like carpentry, flooring, ceiling, installing the wardrobes and kitchen.

However, the pricing settled differently for every designer. Their prowess, skill sets, and offerings are unique. Also, some designers prefer to choose sustainable materials which are more expensive.

3) Number of visits

Designers have numerous ongoing projects at one time. Time is scarce for them because every project needs personal attention. Construction is a laborious job driven by many crucial details. A tiny error can push the hard work of months into the ground

But it would be best if you decided on how many consultations and site visits you might need from the designer. They charge more for multiple visits. Therefore establish the pricing beforehand to avoid any conflicts later.


Some designers settle on fixed prices while others have hourly rates. They charge based on the time spent during the visit and bill you for it. However, this method is not always productive because the client does not get adequate time with the designer to articulate their thoughts.

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