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How Beneficial is SAP Business One for the Pharma Industry

Pharma Industry has been in focus over the year due to prevalent pandemic Covid-19, and it has come out as a winner despite the challenges. Processes in pharmaceutical industry is complex and lengthy as they have to deal with formulation of the drugs, the process to be followed to make it, and the rules and regulations of the government as non-compliance can have severe consequences. Therefore they need to adopt business ERP solutions which can have a good impact on their operations and therefore the profitability, SAP B1 is one such ERP software that has been designed by the SAP for the small and medium enterprises.

Let us see how the pharma companies can make use of the SAP Business One

  • SAP Business One presents real time information on the inventory levels and therefore the manager can have a clear view of all the inventory levels and whether the current level would be sufficient for the orders or more inventory is needed for the order to be completed.
  • SAP Business One can be used to ensure the quality of the process as each and every unit of the product can be tested for the quality and those that are not meeting the quality can be removed from the process. Also different labels can be generated like sample, under test, quarantine etc.
  • Batch production and auto creation of the intermediate production order, re working of the process, defining the routing and/or sequence of the procedures etc. can be done using the SAP B1, therefore the streamlining of the process in the different departments of the pharma company can be done and therefore the whole process can be made more efficient. Wastages can be detected and reduces, this can be huge cost savings for the pharma manufacturer which can in turn improve on the bottom line of the company.
  • With the help of SAP Business One, a pharma company is able to calculate the stage wise costing of the product and the management of the production, this is very helpful as the resource and the cost that is involved at each of the stages of the production, therefore the project resources can be tweaked and reallocated so that the production is completed on time and there is no overrun.

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  • Pharma Companies have a tough time to manage their customers, therefore SAP Business One comes as huge relief it helps them in improving their customer service by helping them resolve the issues fast and accurately, this can be helpful for the company as it helps them in getting the repeat orders and building a good brand name.

SAP Business One has come as huge help to the small enterprises who have struggled against the larger player on the issue of technology advancements and resources. It has helped them in improving the efficiency of the processes and bring in more efficiency, Pharmaceutical companies can use SAP B1 to increase their profits and be competitive.

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