House Edge at Casino Sites: Can I lower it? 

If you are a regular visitor to online casinos, then you will be familiar with the term and concept of the house edge. This phrase is used to describe the advantage a gambling game has over punters, and therefore the mathematical advantage that all free to play slot games have over players transfers to the sites that we play at. This house edge is built in every game simply because of the format and design of them.

The house edge guarantees a percentage return to the house and this helps keep casinos in business. This house edge helps gambling brands cover all their operational costs and more because in the long run the house always ends up with more than the player and this is when gambling sites turn a profit. Of course, there are rare exceptions to this rule, and they usually involve jackpot winners. 

Not All Games Are the Same 

The house edge can be set from 2% up to 10% and this means that 10% of every wager returns to the gambling establishment. These are basic figures, but slots have the highest house edge of all games whilst some table games such as Blackjack, have the lowest. 

The Random Number Generator 

Casino establishments are helped out greatly by the Random Number Generator or RNG and this computer microchip influences the results of every virtual gambling game. Random Number Generators used in the gambling industry are Pseudo-Random Number Generators and these are programmed to produce more losing combinations than winning ones. Some big winning drops have to be allowed through, otherwise, nobody would play at these establishments if everyone lost all the time, and this is why gamblers return in the hope that they are on the end of a winning sequence. However, in the long run, if you add the house edge and the RNG advantages together, punters will mostly lose more than they win. 

Lowering the House Edge 

The house edge could be lowered if gambling sites used different RNG technology but until that happens there are a few things punters can do to increase their chances of winning. Firstly, game choice is very important and table games have the lowest house edge of all gambling games. Therefore, games like Blackjack should be played more often than slots. To lower the edge further, table games should be played at the live casino lobbies where live dealers deal the cards and spin the wheels, this removes RNG technology from the equation. 


If you must play slots, then it is impossible to avoid the Random Number Generator, therefore, the focus has to switch to the RTP or Return to Player percentage score. This is worked out over thousands of spins and the win and loss ratio is calculated to produce a percentage return to punters of the money wagered over time. The house edge ensures it is never going to be 100%, but games with an RTP of 96% or above, increase player’s chances of getting a generous amount of their wagering returned to them in the form of winning spins. 

Final Thoughts 

You cannot beat the house edge at a casino, but you can lower the effects it has by choosing table games over slots and playing live dealer games instead of those that use RNG technology.

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