Himalayan Pink Salt And Its Benefits

Himalayan Pink Salt And Its Benefits

The main benefits of Himalayan pink salt are gourmet. The beauty of the Pink salt color visually enhances the presentation of any dish. There are different types of salts, and each of them has a specific use in the kitchen. Himalayan pink salt is a pure sea salt native to Pakistan, named for its color, its iron content. Its grain is coarse, and its texture crispy. Himalayan salt has become hip and sold in various markets such as the United States, Europe, and Latin America. 

Pink salt beneficial properties have been attributed to it, known as “rose gold”.  Pink salt is a grinder salt, comes in the presentation of crystals in a grinder to grind at the time of use. Get your salt for grinder refill here.

The common component of all types of salt is sodium chloride. 

Himalayan pink salt contains a lower percentage of sodium than common table salt (84% versus 98%) and more minerals (potassium, iron, calcium). Its nutritional contribution is not very significant to warrant substituting one for another, even more so considering the high price of the first.

The use of Himalayan salt in the kitchen

The Pink Himalayan salt is a gourmet salt. It is a type of salt that helps stimulate all the senses of the diner, not only taste but also sight and hence its great attraction and benefits of Himalayan salt. It is used in cooking to prepare meat, fish, and vegetables. Due to its characteristic color, it is generally used to decorate and give the final touch to dishes before they are presented on the table.

The definitive guide to knowing how to use Himalayan salt 

It will be difficult to find a kitchen in the world where there is not even a pinch of salt. Pink salt is a basic element of world gastronomy, whose function is to enhance the flavor of food. But it is much more complex than we think because it also makes it increase or decrease the capacity of other senses that intervene in the appreciation of taste. It softens, for example, the impact of bitterness, but only if this flavor and the salty mix before putting them in the mouth.

The Himalayan pink salt softens the impact of the bitters, but only if this taste and the salty are mixed before putting it in the mouth. Most of us are unable to appreciate all the differences in taste of the varieties that exist. It requires a very fine palate to blindly distinguish a Himalayan salt from another from Hawaii. It also requires a lot of gastronomic knowledge to learn how to use them most appropriately.

Pink salt is new for seasoning dishes and has become popular.

The first difference between the two is their origin. The second, the way it is treated and the amount of each that is marketed. So from the outset, you can distinguish between industrial and artisanal salt. To salt food in general, it is not necessary to resort to one of those varieties that have become so trendy, such as Himalayan pink salt.

Choosing between grinder salt and Himalayan salt depends on what it is going to be used for. Himalayan pink salt is reserved to give a special touch to the dishes. It comes in different forms, from very small granules to crystals of various sizes and scales.

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