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Greyhound Racing 101: Things You Must Know

With over 60 tracks in operation throughout Australia, betting on greyhound racing is one of Australia’s favourite pastimes. Greyhounds can regularly reach speeds of 60 km/h in their races, and the sport is called “the fastest sport on legs”.

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With race meetings in the morning, afternoon and evening every day of the week, bet on greyhound racing provides excellent opportunities for the savvy bettor. Below are some basics to help punters begin their greyhound betting journey.

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Top 5 Greyhound Facts

  1. In Australia, greyhound racing takes place on straight tracks (e.g., Healesville and Richmond), turning tracks (e.g., Maitland and Hobart) and circle tracks (e.g., Wentworth Park and The Meadows).
  2. With a first prize of $1 Million, “The Million Dollar Chase” run at Wentworth Park in late October, is the world’s richest greyhound race.
  3. With over $2.2 Million in career earnings, Wow She’s Fast has won the most prize in the history of greyhound racing in Australia. And she’s still racing!
  4. Box 1, or the “Red Box”, is the most successful box draw in greyhound racing, consistently winning around 25% of races.
  5. The shortest race in Australian greyhound racing is the 259m at Lismore, while the 762m at Strathalbyn is the longest.

Betting on Greyhound Racing

Greyhound races are action-packed and over quickly. While horse races generally go for 1-2 minutes and harness races last for up to 4 minutes, greyhound races are much faster, lasting at most 30 seconds.

Many bet types are available for each greyhound race, with large payouts possible for a small outlay with exotic bet types and multi-bets.

However, the three most common bet types for greyhound races are listed below:


This is the simplest form of betting. You do the form, pick out a dog and place a bet on them. If they win, so do you!


Similar to a win bet but with more options to win. In races of 8 starters, place bets are paid out on the top 3 placings, while fields of 7 or fewer payout on the first two past the post. The payouts aren’t as large as winning bets, but the frequency of payouts is greater.


This bet is placed on who will finish in the top 2 of a particular race in any order. Payout figures are larger than a win bet, as finding the top 2 finishes in a race is more complicated.

Key Form factors

Countless variables come into every greyhound race. However, listed below are critical factors in how a greyhound will perform in any given race.


Greyhound racing is all about speed. Fast dogs can get clear running early in races and enjoy great success. Sharp bettors love to see their dogs up in the lead with a clear galloping room.

Box Draw

This is one of the critical factors to consider before placing a bet. Dogs drawn closer to the rails and have good speed can get off to a great start and sight the lure earlier than those drawn to the outside. At the same time, some dogs prefer to draw wide to get some clear running early and look to power late. Studying each dog’s box drawing statistical information will provide an excellent guide before placing a bet.


It is common for greyhounds to race multiple times each week. Therefore, a greyhound with lots of recent racing will likely be in peak fitness and must be respected.

Track Record

Some dogs perform better at some tracks than others. For example, they may be trained at the track and run there regularly, or the track dimensions and gap between turns suit their natural racing tempo.


As a greyhound wins races, they start racing against more talented chasers, making winning more difficult. Alternatively, greyhounds struggling in higher-graded races can run well against weaker opposition.


There is nothing more exhilarating than watching an in-form greyhound in full flight. Winning form is good form!

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