Fun Activities to Try With Friends in Australia

Fun Activities to Try With Friends in Australia

Australia provides a variety of options for one to enjoy with their peers. One can find several fun opportunities that do not involve only alcohol and restaurant hopping. Visit an escape room or create a picnic in a low-key garden that keeps the friends together and provides a different experience to break out from the regularities of life. These occasions create memories and help friends build closer bonds with each other. One can find venues for most of these online and set a matching date to get going and have a marvellous time together. 

Here are some activities to try and enhance quality time spent with a group of friends.

Game nights:

No friend can deny a game night. One can choose simple board games from any local store. Friends can bring their favourites. Select regular games like ‘game of life,’ ‘monopoly,’ ‘ludo,’ and others to start the night off,and continue into more interesting options later. Bringing new games to the table is always a healthy option.

Charades are a superb option to keep people on their feet. For a physical experience, one can use games like ‘twister’ games that are super fun and immersive. Many prefer rummy and poker with little twists that change the game moderately.

Escape rooms:

With famous movies based on escape rooms, the craze has spread widely. Visit an escape room with friends to have the most mind-bending experience. They have fabulous designs to accommodate beginners and team-friendly rooms. 

Some of these games also compete against the friends within the group. Many people make new friends when they individually visit such areas. One can book these online. Select a themed version for extra fun. Choose a safe room with a gentle staff to help during emergencies.


A group of friends attending pottery workshops brings them closer than any other activity. Pottery workshops are a great experience, and one can take them home to paint them. One can hold a workshop at their house without involving professionals. 

Learn from youtube or make DIY items that need many hands. Drawing and painting on canvases are the easiest at home, and one can set it up in their garden as the most convenient option. A young group can participate in cooking or baking, while older groups can involve themselves in carpentry or gardening. A music jamming session is also an option for the lyrically talented.


No picnics are boring when one is with friends. A large picnic with a group is always feared but is one of the sweetest experiences. One can create a potluck for food and drinks to make everyone contribute to the activity. Please take a few clothes to cover the ground and choose a friendly park that lets people sit in it and eat. One can arrange it aesthetically and take group pictures to remember for a lifetime.

Take a mini speaker to ensure it is loud enough but won’t disturb nearby people. Dress appropriately and create a dress code if necessary. It is the best time to ask friends to look their best and dress up after the taxing pandemic has calmed down.