Food for beautiful skin and slow down aging

Food for beautiful skin and slow down aging

Want to have beautiful, clear skin, look younger than your age? In addition to using a full nourishing cream Eating food also helps. although we use the cream, how expensive it is. But if we eat the wrong food Our skin easily deteriorates. So let’s turn to these 6 beautiful skin foods. Because these foods are all rich in nutrients that help maintain healthy skin. It can be said that after eating, the skin is truly beautiful from the inside.

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1. Food for beautiful skin: Tomatoes

  Tomatoes are a source of vitamin C. It is also rich in carotenoid compounds such as lycopene, along with beta-carotene. And lutein is there as well. which These substances help protect the skin from sun damage as well. It also helps prevent wrinkles and wrinkles. on the face as well Therefore, who does not want to look old, it is recommended to eat tomatoes at all.

2. Skin beautifying food: Avocado

  Avocados are rich in fats that are good for the body and skin. Eating helps to make the skin moist, soft, bouncy and flexible, including in avocados, there are compounds that help protect the skin from UV rays. Which is considered the source of wrinkles and various signs of aging In addition, avocados also contain vitamin E to help fight free radicals. Contains vitamin C to stimulate collagen production in the skin. It’s called eating and having a clear face. It really helps to slow down aging.

3. Skin beautifying food: green tea

  Drinks like green tea are said to be good for health. It’s also good for your skin. In which green tea is rich in catechins that help maintain healthy skin. Including green tea also helps protect the skin from the sun. Reduce redness caused by sunlight. along with preventing wrinkles make the skin flexible It also helps to keep the skin moist. Not dry and rough as well.

4. Skin beautifying food: Walnuts

  Nuts like walnuts It is a source of essential fatty acids that the body cannot make itself. Omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids help reduce skin inflammation such as psoriasis. Walnuts also contain zinc or zinc. That helps to heal wounds, reduce bacteria and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. Walnuts also contain vitamin E and selenium to help fight free radicals.

5. Beautiful skin food: yellow or red bell peppers.

  Sweet peppers, especially yellow and red are considered a source of beta-carotene. Which when ingested, the body can convert to vitamin A. Many people are probably already aware that vitamin A helps reduce the signs of aging. Whether it’s fine lines or dry skin. and in addition to vitamin A Bell peppers also contain vitamin C, which helps to stimulate collagen production. After eating, the skin becomes firmer and stronger.

6. Food for beautiful skin : Eggs

Eggs are rich in amino acids that help build collagen on the skin. Contains lutein to help keep the skin moist and firm. In addition, eggs help balance the skin. Do not make your face too oily or dry. In addition, the yolk contains vitamin A, which helps repair and soothe the skin. It can be said that it is another nourishing food that you eat and help your skin to be healthier.