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Five Tips To Resigning Your Perfect Modern Fireplace

Fireplaces are usually one of the main focal points in any room, as they are intricately connected to multimedia walls. As a result, they’re often used to complement televisions, exquisite cabinets, and other decorative elements on feature walls.

However, a fireplace’s purpose is not solely aesthetic, but also functional. on pragmatics: it is not an ornamental feature unless you deliberately want it to be. it’s the function, and contemporary design likes to mix it with aesthetics.

A gas fireplace is not exactly a modern advent, but it is one of the most widely used methods of placing a fireplace in the home. A gas fireplace insert is not difficult to install. In this article, we will discuss 5 easy steps to designing your perfect modern gas fireplace.

1. Designer fronts

As mentioned above, a fireplace is neither about aesthetics nor function as individual characteristics. It is about coming together to form a single entity that combines both qualities.

When designing your fireplace, you should keep in mind that you are not making this product, you are designing it. From now on, you can add personal touches, move away from the convention and get absorbed in the creative process of designing an overall optimum that fits your aesthetic.

When it comes to fireplace fronts, there are many you can choose from. There are so many designs, so many aesthetics and styles that it can get confused and the final product can come out choppy and incomplete. So before you start designing, make sure you know what kind of style you go for.

Deerfield, Millennia, Tuscany, Andover, Victorian, and several others are among the options. Each of these styles has its characteristics and elements. You have to be well versed in the details of these styles to know what you are going to design and what kind of impact it would have on the interior of your home.

Another thing to be careful about when designing the front is to make sure that the mantle’s color scheme matches that of the entirety of your room. Some colors that would universally look good with anything are gold, metal, Swedish, and vintage iron.

2. Doors

Fireplace doors aren’t exactly a new phenomenon, but the variation in material and color scheme is new. They are not only decorative, but functional as well, and when designing one for your fireplace, be sure to take the exact measurements because if even one is just one inch off you could end up with a door that wouldn’t fit. Fireplace doors can be custom designed according to your fireplace, or if you have one with universal measurements, they are also very easy to come by.

3. Overlays

Decorative overlays are helpful when designing a mantle. It’s optional – if you want to have a simple minimalist fireplace, and it goes with your aesthetic, you can have it. But if you’re looking for something a little more elaborate and a little more ornate, overlays are the way to go.

There are many materials that you can use to layer; most of them provide a decorative element that enhances the front of your fireplace. It can be anything from carved marble, mosaics, frescoes, tiles, stucco, etc. Just keep in mind that they all need to correspond to the existing interior design theme.

4. Interior coatings

Interior linings are important when designing a fireplace. Where the mantle and frame act as a decorative foreground, the cladding acts as a backdrop. The backdrop should be designed in such a way that it does not overcompensate or become a dominant front for the mantle and the surroundings.

The most widely used material for interior linings is antique red firebrick. It has a dull enough color that it remains as a supporting backdrop but is bright enough to increase the heat of the real fire when the fireplace is lit.

5. Envelope

Aside from the mantle, the most important thing when it comes to displaying the shell, forming the front design of your fireplace is what kind of environment you design the home in.

In hindsight, you only have two options when it comes to this formation: either arched or rectangular. Both options come with their inhibitions, their personalities, and their impact on the interior design of your home. Choose what you choose, choose carefully and match it with the style of the decorative front you are looking for.

If having one or more fireplaces in your home as a supplemental heat source sounds like a dream, even if it’s because it will help you cut costs, contact at MagikFlame.com today

You can build a classical or neoclassical style with an arched formation that would look great with Tuscan or Victorian. The rectangular frame has a more compact and modern design; if you choose it, make sure it fits properly, with the right kind of aesthetics.

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