FIFA 23: 3 Important Tips To Fix Your First Touch On The Ball

FIFA 23: 3 Important Tips To Fix Your First Touch On The Ball

In my coaching experience this year, I have identified a certain failure in the attacks of my students, which has an enormous impact on their capability to build up their attack. It’s the way how they take their First Touch and control the ball in FIFA, the First Touch dictator attack.

If you make the right decision, you will move forward in the Midfield or out move the opponent in their own box to score a goal for a better passing flow. You need good passing angles and the faster you position your players in good angles, the more fluent your build up becomes or if you see an open space to explore, you need to turn towards there as soon as possible. Of course, if you improve your players by using FUT 23 Coins, your odds of winning the game will be higher.

So, every single time after you start the pass and you’re about to receive the ball with the deployer, I want you to focus on those two aspects. This will give you a purpose and once you adapt to it, you will start avoiding easy possession losses.

However, if you fail with it, you might lose the ball in your own half with the immediate danger to get countered.

It’s clear that the First Touch is a huge impact in your game. And in this article, I want to give you three tips on how to approach this and get your attacking game on the next level.

Pay Attention To Incoming Defenders

My first tip is about paying attention to the Defenders and where they pressure from. If you do not observe and simply try to turn to a direction, there is a good chance that he will fail.

But, what is the best time to analyze and understand where to have the best First Touch? The answer is simply to tell, but it takes time and FIFA Coins to get used to.

Right after you pass the ball, there will be a short time before it reaches your target. In this short time, while the ball is traveling, you need to look at your receiver and the surrounding Defenders.

Every single Defender covers a certain direction and you are never allowed to control the ball into those directions. If you do so, you will make it easier for them to get a touch on the ball. Instead, try to face away from them. If you observe well enough, you will find an open direction and if you control the ball there, you won’t lose the ball.

Getting used to this idea is extremely important, but like I’ve said, it could take some time adapting to. The opponent’s defensive behavior could also give you an upper hand throughout your games, especially in the areas close to their box.

If you can figure out what their defensive tendency is and guess where they will make their next defensive move, then you can control the ball exactly on the opposite side with a single contact and create yourself a dangerous goal scoring opportunity seems like a solution.

Don’t Rush Towards Forward

The urge to get the ball forward is the second main reason. For example, it is just because you see another player running forward and you think you should turn towards that direction immediately and pass the ball to him.

Do not overwrite the first rule. There could be still one Defender in that direction, who could easily win the ball from you.

So, make the First Touch on the ball your priority over other options. You can always pass the ball back to another teammate and contactable with your initial desired option if you don’t lose it because of a bad touch.

Stop Sprinting On The First Touch

And finally, holding on to the sprinting button while controlling the ball. This forces your player to push the ball out of his feet in every single time. So, that means you’re going to have a tough time controlling the ball in another direction to get rid of this problem.

Simply, let go of your R2 and RT button just for a brief moment as your player is about to make a contact with the ball. You will realize the flexibility and the difference with your ball control if you’re a player who normally tends to control the ball while sprinting. Of course, if you’re about to receive the bolt in an open area and have space in front of you, feel free to Sprint.

But other than that, I strongly advise against it to get your fingers away from the sprinting button on the First Touch.

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Useful Tools To Improve The First Touch

There are some useful tools I’ve implemented into my gameplay, which could implement your First Touch on the ball. We could use those for different purposes, such as shielding, rapid direction change or even acceleration.

Let’s start with the most simple one: the Ball Roll. Ball Roll is probably the skill move I use the most when it comes to the First Touch in most cases.

If you’re in a shoulder to shoulder challenge with the opposition player, Ball Roll extremely increases your chances of successfully controlling the vault. One other thing I use the ball roll for is when I send the fast pass to my teammate and I’m not sure if he can have a good First Touch on it. So, pressing nothing else, I use the Ball Roll to control the ball one advanced skill moves, like Elastico and fainting forward can also catch players off guard on the First Touch.

You can pre-perform these moves right on the First Touch if you want to do so. But the most efficient way to do them is to get a little initial touch on the ball and to execute them right afterwards. This way, you could also enhance your First Touch. You can also use the Knockout or Sprint on the First Touch, if you’re trying to outpace your opponent and have space in front of you.

I have showed you one or two examples of those, which I think are the most efficient ones. But I can say you can make this list longer with other skill moves as long as you get used to the idea of controlling the ball away from the Defenders without the First Touch. Now that you know how to make the better First Touch, you should lose the ball less and be more effective in every single area of the pitch.

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