FamiSafe app: The best mobile tracker you can find on the Net

FamiSafe app: The best mobile tracker you can find on the Net

More and more digital media can be found in our households. The age of the first tablet / mobile phone is decreasing enormously every year. According to a study, 36% of American 6-year-olds already have a mobile device. 54% use mobile phones or tablets from time to time. I know from my own experience that at least one tablet is also used by much younger children. The FamiSafe app was developed in order to control consumption or not completely expose one’s own children to the entire scope of media use. We report in the following text what this is exactly and how it works.

FamiSafe – What kind of app is it?

FamiSafe is an app that is installed on the kids’ devices and helps us parents to protect our children. I deliberately don’t call the app a control app (it clearly controls every step your children take on their smartphone or tablet), because protection is the main focus here. The official name is FamiSafe Parental Control App. The app can be used to precisely control usage, for example time restrictions can be set and harmful apps and websites can be blocked. There is also the practical function of locating with this app, so in an emergency you always know where the child, or at least his cell phone, is.

Different functions of FamiSafe

After I downloaded the app from the App Store and installed it on my smartphone, I familiarized myself with the various functions. I can make and manage all settings via the child’s device (with PIN) or the parent’s access on the PC or my own mobile phone, and the most important thing, I can track a cell phone. In the following I would like to introduce the individual options that this app offers.

Activities report

Here you have an overview of which activities are being carried out on the smartphone or tablet. That is actually self-explanatory, you get a nice summary under this point.

Browser history

All websites that are accessed are logged here with the date and time. You can also allow or block the respective page for the future with one click.

Recognition of explicit content

All messenger apps on the smartphone or tablet, where critical content can be exchanged, are summarized under this point. There is a notification especially for certain key words that signal cyber bullying or sexual offenses. You can connect the apps to your own device and thus check what is being written. Dear parents, please protect the privacy of your children especially on this point and only use this function in an emergency!

App usage

You will find a list of all available apps on the smartphone and the respective usage time. At this point, you can even block apps completely or set a time limit, even for certain days.

Real time location

The point real-time location shows the exact place where your child or their smartphone or tablet is currently.

Internet filter

I found this function particularly interesting, because here you can set filters for a wide variety of content. If a website corresponds to a category that you have blocked, your child cannot access it. The main topics here are violence, addiction, sex, and much more. If a page is blocked even though it is harmless in your eyes, you can determine exceptions. I think this applies above all to pages that deal with the aforementioned topics in a child-friendly manner and are then automatically blocked by using the keywords. 

Time limits

You can even lock the entire device automatically after a certain period of time. Thus, we not only have the temporal use of various apps and websites under control, even completely, the use of the entire device. After the set time has elapsed, your child can no longer access it.

Location history

If your child is out alone outside, you can always keep an eye on them with this app. Where is it now, where does it come from, has it got lost?

Smart Schedule

Smart Schedule is a somewhat more advanced function of time limits. Here you can not only set a time after the device goes off, but you can actually make a lot of settings. You can name the schedules and generate as many as you need. One could be, for example, that the device should always switch itself off when it is between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays because homework is being done there. You can even set a rule with a connection to a location.


Under geofences you can determine a place and a radius in which your child should stay. If the child enters a place marked as unsafe, you will receive a message.

What I like about FamiSafe

I think it’s particularly good that the app offers so many options. I don’t want to control my child, but with this app I have the opportunity to protect them and to limit their infantile activities a little. I think the app is ideal for everyone who trusts their children, but still wants to protect them, because children are ignorant and have to learn how to use digital media correctly. The app is a great support to go a child-friendly way.

Download links:

Google Play

App Store

Amazon Store

Cost of the FamiSafe app

The costs vary depending on the payment. First you can download a three-day trial version. After that, the monthly price for using the app is $ 9.99, if you agree on a quarterly payment, it’s only $19.99 and if you pay annually, it costs only half of the starting price, namely $ 59.99.


Compared to other similar applications, FamiSafe is at the front. This application is not free but quite cheap. When compared with all the features it provides, it can be concluded that this application is really cheap.

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