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Evolution of Education

Ever since the dawn of life on Earth, everything has evolved. Life evolved from single-cell organisms to multi-cell organisms. Vehicles changed from fuel-powered to electric-powered. Education, too, has seen its fair share of evolution. With time, it has evolved from being transferred by word of mouth to a small device sitting in your pocket. Everything is available to learn for everyone. Past of education was not so great. In older times, education was a privilege to high-class people. Now, it is the right of every individual. Anyone who wants to get an education can get it. Only their desire holds them back. With a small magic box in their hand and a slightly bigger box in front of them, they can learn anything.

The evolution of education is not limited to the people. It has reached the classrooms as well. As technology is advancing, it is also finding its way into the classrooms. It not only helps the teachers to teach more effectively but also keeps the students focused. It helps them absorb as much knowledge as possible. In the coming sections, you will learn about some of the generally used gadgets in class.

Gadgets and Classrooms

Gadgets not only help the teachers to express themselves better but also keeps students attentive in the class. Let’s look at some of these gadgets.

  • Smartboards- There was a time when teachers had to use different colored markers and chalk to draw graphs, diagrams, the relation between things, etc. It got difficult sometimes to keep track of the colors and what they represented. Now, smartboards rescue them. Teachers can change the color of pens without changing the markers, draw diagrams and graphs with more precision, and even undo their mistakes. It is truly a boon for teachers who love to teach with enthusiasm.
  • Smart Classes- It is a well-known fact that audio-visual content is easier for the brain to retain. Smart classes take advantage of this fact to work towards the betterment of students. Teachers can now show content that they think will be more helpful with a visual aid, for example, playing a small clip of the evolution of life or showing how sound travels. Watching these things is a new experience for the students and teacher, and they can remember the videos and clips for a long time.
  • Pen Pads- Due to the CoViD-19 pandemic, everyone spent most of their 2020 in homes. Shutting schools down started to affect the studies of the students. In such a time, pen pads came to help. All teachers had to do was to connect it to their computers and run a blank presentation. Pen pads and presentations acted just like a miniature smartboard. It helped teachers know something new and students to continue their studies.
  • Online Classes- Teachers also began taking classes online to teach more students at their comfort. There are various platforms available where teachers and students can interact live and conduct classes. If not specific platforms, general meeting apps substituted them and gave the same feeling as the classroom.

Education technology has come a long way since its introduction. From just remembering things to forward them to the future to using futuristic gadgets, there is no limit to how much more it can accomplish. But one thing is for sure – it is just the beginning of the dawn of a new era of education.

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