Door signs: purpose and classification

Door signs: purpose and classification

Orientation in our modern world is as important as it was centuries ago. But if earlier this required being observant and attentive, today in our urban environment, in order to facilitate the search for the desired object, there are signs.

Without them, any normal operation of every institution or company is impossible. That is why the manufacture of door signs is an important matter that requires a responsible and creative approach.

Why do we need signs

These items perform several important functions, among which can be noted:

  •   an indication of  location of a specific object or person. When visiting an office, a person usually needs a specific specialist, therefore, offices equipped with plates with employee data or serial numbers indicated on them will be very convenient and can greatly facilitate navigation through any building;

  •    another function – information content. On some signs, in addition to the name, surname of an employee or office number, work schedule, or  contact information of the employee, can also be located, which is very convenient;

  •   if there are several different companies in the building, there may be special signs in a lobby that explain to visitors where to go to find office of interest. Indicators with arrows, or inscriptions, informing about any entrance and exit belong to the same kind of signs;

  •   sometimes to prevent outsiders from entering a room, or to prohibit the execution of certain actions, signs are placed where this information  indicates;

  •   in addition, every sign or pointer plays a role of a kind of business card, according to which any visitor can already form a definite impression of a company he visits. Therefore, the style of its performance should be chosen very carefully;

  •   numbers and signs on houses, apartments are no less important for orientation than signs in offices. They allow you to find the right address exactly and not get confused among different streets;

  •   sometimes signs are located not only in building of some company itself, but also on the approach to it, indicating your name, distance to the building and direction of movement. They intend not only to facilitate orientation, but also for advertising.

Based on this, we can conclude that well-designed door signs located in the right places can not only save visitors time, but also add positive reviews for a company and increase the number of customers. Therefore, manufacture of a sign should be trusted only by experienced specialists who show an individual approach to each client. 

The classification exists according to the following criteria:

Design. Exist such signs that require fastening to nails or self-tapping screws, desktop ones that do not need fixing and hanging products. The form of signs can vary from a strict rectangle to original shape.

Material. Among wall models, the most popular: stainless steel, acrylyc and wood plates. Desktop varieties of products can be both plastic and wooden. Depending on the selected material, technology for applying information to the surface also changes.

Application area. These can be signs for hotel use, for a house (apartment numbers), office (signs for staff, management, conference rooms, offices, etc.).

Stainless steel is a metal, without which, perhaps, today no sphere of human activity can do. Due to its unique physical properties, stainless steel has many advantages over other metals.  That is why BSign uses exactly this material in producing unique design door signs of any kind. You can choose different signs on our website.