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Does Delaying Your Period Affect Pregnancy?

Without any doubt, most women would have to delay their periods at least once in their lifetime for enjoying a beach holiday or a romantic weekend getaway to the fullest. At the same time, women with heavy bleeding and cramps during the days of the period would have to delay their period, even for an official or personal event. Nowadays, taking medication for delaying periods has become very normal and we have over-the-counter tablets for the same.

However, women are sometimes concerned much about the side effects of delaying their periods. And to be honest, if you are using the correct medication, it is safe to delay your period whenever you desire to. After all, it is essential to remember that you don’t have protection against pregnancy on those days if you delay your period unless you use any contraception like a condom. If you still have queries or concerns about taking medication for delaying periods, you better speak to experts at a Trinity gynecology center.

Here is some basic information you might need to know about taking medication for delaying your periods.

Medication for Delaying Periods

The medication for delaying your period mainly involves the prescription of tablets containing Norethisterone. Norethisterone tablets come in different brand names, including Utolvan. These tablets are usually taken thrice a day, starting the course three days prior to your date. And your period will begin within three days after the completion of the Norethisterone course.

It is strongly recommended not to take Norethisterone if you are already pregnant. The increased progesterone levels released into your body might affect the unborn baby’s development inside your womb. Some doctors usually ask you to get the pregnancy test done before taking the course of Norethisterone if you are not sure. You better take a pregnancy test yourself before you start medication for delaying periods if you have any kinds of doubt.

Norethisterone, first of all, doesn’t provide any protection against pregnancy. It isn’t a contraceptive pill. Therefore, you should use contraception if you have delayed pregnancy and are still sexually active. Make it clear that you won’t be protected from pregnancy on those days when you are taking medication for postponing periods.

If you have a vaginal ring or patch inserted, you can still take medication for delaying periods. And your regular contraception will provide you protection against pregnancy.

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