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Do the slots jackpot pools change all the time? 

Over the years our human love for gambling has continuously been hitting new and never before seen heights, with gambling in the 21st century being one of the most popular outlets for people across various demographics. You just cannot beat gambling nowadays, and by far the largest reason for that is the online casino industry. Before online casino was invented people had no choice but to visit an actual brick and mortar casino in order to do their gambling, however that has all changed now! 

Oh yes, because these days literally all you have to do in order to play gambling games like slots, roulette or poker is log on to an online casino site. Online slots have been the real winners over the last few years, something that really shouldn’t be at all surprising if you have had the pleasure of playing these free slot games before. One thing that people can often ask here is whether the slots jackpot pools change all the time? Keep reading for the answer! 

The different types of jackpot in slots 

In order to fully get to grips with this question the first thing we have to do here is take a little bit of time to list the different types of jackpot in slots, as there are several different types to keep in mind nowadays. Different people will prefer different jackpot types ultimately, so the best one will always be a subjective decision. 

Regardless, here are some of the different types of jackpot in slots: 

  • Standard slot jackpot: Standard slot jackpots have been around the longest, and it is what Charles D. Fey’s original Liberty Bell machine would have had. These jackpots are fixed amounts, usually obtained via matching the highest value symbols across a pay line.
  • Multiplier slot jackpot: In the modern online slots world gamblers will probably find themselves playing games with multiplier slot jackpots the most, simply because they are the most commonly found. With multiplier slot jackpots you win a multiplier which is then applied to your wager on the winning spin.
  • Progressive slot jackpot: Progressive jackpot slots are definitely some of the most exciting, mainly because they can reach some pretty massive sizes. With progressive jackpot slots the prize amount increases with each losing spin – you can see how they can get so big!

Progressive jackpots: How does the jackpot pool change all the time? 

With fixed jackpot amounts the jackpot pool doesn’t change at all, however with other jackpots it can do. For example, technically the jackpot pool with multiplier jackpots will change any time you change your wager. The most easily visible, however, is with progressive jackpots. 

With progressive jackpots the jackpot pool increases any time that somebody has a losing spin, and because it can take thousands of spins until you hit the big time, it means that the progressive jackpot pool can increase quite a lot. 

Some of the best progressive jackpot slots on the market 

Here are some of the best progressive jackpot slots on the market:

  • Mega Joker
  • Mega Moolah
  • Megabucks

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