Discord Announces New Features For Servers

Discord Announces New Features For Servers

Discord is a social service with a large and active user base. It started as a messaging app for gamers but has grown into 247sports.biz a platform that can do much more than text chat. It has a suite of tools that allow community owners to build out live events, topic channels and a whole bunch of other features.

This week, Discord is testing a handful of new features in some of its largest communities that could help them streamline the way they use their servers. The company recognizes that many of its biggest communities are growing at a rapid pace and that things can get complicated in an instant.


In recent weeks, Discord has been teasing a long-requested feature that would let channel members create threads within a single conversation, making it easy to compartmentalize thoughts into mini-conversations without losing the overall flow. Now, the feature will be enabled in all servers that have “community” features enabled.

The new threads will be a bit like a group message in the chat window, but with a subject line that lets users designate who can see it and how it’s organized. The company says mods and server owners will be able to set who can create threads in a voice channel, what permissions they have for that level and even designate who is allowed to post to threads in a given community.

Discord also has a new tool that collects hot topics and shows them as a tl;dr-style snapshot on a server’s homepage. This could be used to show upcoming events, a game announcement or an important update to a community.

Private Threads

In a move that will no doubt be greeted with some negative backlash, Discord is rolling out a new feature to let users dseklmsspace.com hold private conversations within their Discord channels. The company has designed this so that users can have one-on-one or small group conversations without being added as friends by the people they’re talking with.

Stage Discovery

In an effort to bolster the searchability of its live audio rooms, Discord is launching a tool called “Stage Discovery.” The tool will help you find and join a live event hosted by a specific community.

Using machine learning to curate a list of events that might interest you, the feature will help you find and attend an event on a Discord server.

Scheduled Events

A few months ago, Discord rolled out Scheduled Events for Stage Channels, which allows you to plan your next live audio broadcast ahead of time and reach more potential attendees. The new feature will help you create and manage your upcoming events, whether you’re hosting an AMA, conference or beatboxing competition.

Premium Memberships

The new subscription-based service was one of Discord’s most requested features. It could bring a new stream of revenue in-house and give creators a way to streamline the tools they use to grow their communities.

The company is testing polyvore.life this feature in a few of its most popular communities, including the hit Chinese RPG Genshin Impact’s official server. At the time of writing, that server had more than 300,000 players online.