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Dirty Cars, Try Car washing machines in Kenya!

With 2019 global corona pandemic, many people have considered owning personal cars more of a need than a luxury in order to reduce chances of infection. Further, this ensures convenience and privacy for the socio-phobic. However, just owning a car is not enough. The interior of such cars need to be clean and conducive for occupants thus making cleanliness a second priority after owning the car. For this to happen,efficient, affordable and reliable car washing machines are of essence.

In Kenya, car washing machines are sold of varied brands to help car owners maintain the cleanliness of their cars, both interior and exterior. Even though several brands are available in the market, good car washing machines in Kenya must possess qualities which will ensure the safety and comfort of both the user and their client.

Factors to consider good car washing machines

Durability – long lasting equipment are of need to ensure the owners do not incur unnecessary expenses in replacing some parts or buying a new one in case of breakdown. The machines should also have a warranty of considerable period to cushion the owners of loss in case of any early breakdowns. This therefore calls for buying machines from established brands whose spare parts are available and warranties are serviceable.

Cost – the machines should be affordable but efficient. Its operation cost (fuel, storage and water) should be within the owner’s ability to service. Fortunately, most of these machines consume less energy thus making them affordable to majority of people. Further, their prices have significantly dropped due advancement of technology making them buyable.

Ease of use –a good machine manufacturer should ensure his product is accompanied with a user’s guide. Most machines come with user’s manual making them user friendly. This means they require little expertise to operate and repair in case of a breakdown. The manual also offers hints on how to perform routine maintenance thus preventing further possibilities of early breakdowns.

Safety – health and environmental issues are of great concerns globally. Themachines should thus ensure the safety of both the user and their clients by not exposing them to any health hazard or bypolluting the environment through emissions of toxic gases or particles.

Features of car washing machines

Conveyor systems – this guides the vehicle into the car wash and enables the washer access all parts (underneath included).

Tire and wheel cleaners – it gives a different treat to these hard parts of the vehicle to enable them regain their lost appearance. Due to their rough texture, they cannot be washed with the same mop as other parts of the car hence the different treat.

Foaming systems – this ensures that the detergents, water and other taste enhancers are mixed in appropriate ratios to an appealing result.

Dryers –to eliminate all aspects of moisture in record time and make its interior usable, dryers come in handy. This also creates space for other cars and saves time for car owners who do not have not for ages for the natural sun to dry their cars.

These machines have their pro and cons which we cannot avoid discussing to bring buyers in the know of the effects of such machines.


They save time due to their ability to multi task.

They are easy to operate thus do not need expertise in using them.

They are mobile thus can be moved from point to point.


They are prone to breaking down thus can be inconveniencing.

Are source of environmental pollutants for those using carbon derived fuels.


With clean environment being emphasized globally as basic human need, car washing machines can never be taken for granted especially for those who travel often with cars, whether privately owned or public. Apart from its essentiality, its merits outweigh its demerits thus making its application realistic. For more information, visit https://www.carwashingmachines.co.ke

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