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Different types of Scrum Masters in an organization: Which one are you?

To complete a tough task successfully, proper teamwork must be established. Scrum Master is the type of team role which confirms that the team follows Agile values and principles and abides by the rules and guidelines that the team decided they would imply.

Being a Scrum Master is not easy when you have the following responsibilities to cover:

  • Getting away with the obstacles
  • Creating a productive environment for the team
  • Appreciating the victories
  • Maintaining the team and Product Owner bond
  • Safeguarding the team from outside distractions

The Scrum Master is a dedicated leader who acts as a catalyst for initiating all the team interactions by being both a coach, and a motivator. It is the Scrum Master’s job to ensure that his/her team has a productive environment to work in, that no external disturbances are causing hindrance, getting rid of obstacles, and imposing Scrum principles into action. By taking up the CSM training you can develop all the skills that are needed to run a team.

Scrum Masters and their types

There are various types of Scrum masters’ and they can be listed as:

  • Chief Scrum Master:
  • In situations where you have to work on hefty projects, more than one Scrum Team is required. When multiple Scrum Teams are involved, information is needed to be transferred in between them constantly.
  • Proper communication can only be maintained when an experienced individual is there to monitor the whole situation.
  • Chief Scrum Master is the one in charge of this condition. He/She is the one who ensures that there is a proper collaboration between the two teams.
  • Strong coordination is maintained with the help of SoS, the short form for the Scrum of Scrums meeting.

The difference between the Chief Scrum Masters and Scrum Masters is just that the former takes care of various teams and the latter one pays attention to one. In the Scrum of Scrums meeting, any kind of fall-out between the teams is resolved. The meeting is started by the Chief Scrum Master.

The choice of the CSM Certification in  Manila is done from Scrum masters working on large projects or from somewhere else. The Chief Scrum Master must be experienced and expert enough to form strong communication between the two Scrum Teams, to carry forward a successful delivery of the project’s products.

  • Program Scrum Master:
  • For a project to run smoothly, a proper working environment must be provided to the working teams. This is ensured by a Program Scrum Master.
  • His job is to assist, teach, and kickstart the Scrum values and principles to everyone working in the team.
  • The Program Scrum Master guides Scrum Masters who are a part of individual projects, he/she keeps obstacles away from the teams and also maintains coordination with the Scrum bodies to set quality objectives, various organizational parameters, regulations, and security.
  • It is his/her job to assure that Scrum processes are running smoothly and are being followed effectively.

The Program Scrum Master lines with the Portfolio Scrum Master to cross check the working of the program with the targeted goals and objectives. Similar to Chief Scrum Master, a Program Scrum Master is also permitted to appoint a Scrum Master for individual projects.

  • Portfolio Scrum Master:
    • The role of a PSM is similar to the Scrum Master, the only difference being, it stands up to the requirements of the whole portfolio or business unit rather than just the Scrum Team.

Important roles of a Scrum Master

  • A Scrum Master is also known as a true leader who is expected to encourage and motivate their team
  • It is the job of a Scrum Master to develop communication in an organization and solve issues collectively rather than on an individual level.
  • The team is protected from external disturbance under the guidance of a Scrum Master.
  • Every obstacle is removed from the way so that the team can function in a better way.
  • A Scrum Master should not be confused with a leader or a manager. SM does not impose control on anyone. His/her job is to influence people in the right direction.
  • A Scrum Master can be called a coach who advises his team and helps them in coping with their issues.

Benefits of owning a Scrum Master Certification

A survey was done by scrumalliance.org and that showed that around 87% of people agreed that Scrum adds value to their work life and improves their productivity as a team, and 81 % of people who took certification confirm that it has helped them advance their practice.

If you are interested in attaining the Scrum Master certification and you hail from Oklahoma, the Certified Scrum Master Certification in Oklahoma is your calling.

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