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Difference between the call of duty and PUBG:

PUBG and call of duty (COD) are two very well-established and well-streamed games. Both games have versatile features. Some features of these two games are considered similar and claimed to be copied by one another. But few features are also there depicting the proper patterns of differences between the call of duty and PUBG.

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Let’s discuss! the major and most common differences between the call of duty and PUBG.

Top differences between the call of duty and PUBG:

  1. Modes of call of duty and PUBG

There are huge differences between the modes in both games. Modes are versatile and are preferred by the users as per their likings and preferences. PUBG provides modes of EvoGround, classic modes, deathmatch of teams. Arcade modes with a feature of less time match, war mode, and hardcore.

While COD provides the modes of Deathmatch, the first search first destroys mode, only sniper mode domination mode, Gun mode, frontline mode, blitz mode, and royale modes.

  1. Game speed:

The most wanted feature in both games is their mobile speed accuracy. The slower the game the more chances of players to die in the fight. The players want the game to work even well for less expensive mobile. As per the speed accuracy, the game speed of the call of duty is better than PUBG. The versatile features of the COD make it even more interesting to play with high-speed accuracy.

  1. Game Graphics:

The pixel qualities and effects are clearer in high-end mobiles with good resolutions. However, both PUBG and COD have realistic graphics for the game. In a comparison of both the games the COD gets more points as per its advanced features of the graphics have made it even more realistic than the PUBG. Medium to high-end stipulations is also required for the smooth flow and graphics featuring both games.


  1. Game weaponries:

Both PUBG and COD have almost realistic and similar weaponries. However, the functionality may vary from game to game. For instance: in PUBG the almost all guns can be used with proper alignments and targets. This, however, is not the case with the COD; where specific guns are used for specific purposes and proper alignments are features are also predetermined which does not change as per the player’s likings.

  1. Game Maps:

Maps of the games make the game even more interesting. The user always wants upgraded and more realistic maps which are adventurous at the same time. In order to accommodate that PUBG and COD have their own map features in their different modes. Specifically, in PUBG Vikendi, Miramar, Sanhok, f95zone and Erangel are some maps that are available. While in Call of duty there are many smaller maps available for other modes while isolated maps and Alcatraz maps are available in the mobile call for duty.

Both games have established their reputation and are well appreciated by their users. The differences between the call of duty and PUBG make the games versatile and competitors of each other.

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