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Design and Calculation of Hanging Bearings Using CY Outer Spherical Special Sealed Bearings

Abstract: This paper introduces the screw conveyor hanger bearing with Cy outer spherical special sealed bearing. The use of this structure reduces the screw neutral position, reduces the accumulation of materials, and reduces the resistance, which increases the conveying efficiency and ensures the conveying capacity. Calculated the conveying capacity of the screw conveyor, the required power, the equivalent dynamic bearing load, and the life of the bearing


At present, screw conveyors are widely used in building materials, mining, chemical and other industries. They have the advantages of simple structure, low manufacturing cost, and safe operation. However, their disadvantage is that the part between the coupling shaft and the bearing is not tightly sealed, and after the dust enters Serious wear, resulting in a serious reduction in the service life of the bearing. As shown in Figure 1, the Cy outer spherical special sealed bearing is used. Because the outer ring of the bearing is spherical, the bearing has good self-aligning performance and small friction coefficient, which reduces the frictional resistance when the machine is running, and has low power consumption. The bearing has good sealing performance. There are three layers of oil-resistant rubber seals on both sides of the dust cover of the bearing, and a felt seal is added on both sides of the suspension bearing to prevent dust from entering the bearing and prolong the service life of the suspension bearing. The inside of the bearing is filled with grease and does not require lubrication. . The use of this structure reduces the spiral neutral position, with less material accumulation and low resistance, which increases the conveying efficiency and ensures the conveying volume.

Now take GXF300×20m as an example to check the service life of Cy-019 outer spherical special sealed bearing. The load on the screw conveyor hanging bearing includes: the gravity of the screw itself, the support force of the material on the screw (negligible) and the thrust of the material on the hanging bearing.

Conveying capacity of screw conveyor

Q = 47D2nt ρc ( 1)

In the formula: Q—the conveying capacity of the screw conveyor (t/h);

D— Spiral diameter D=0.3 m;

t—pitch for solid helix t=0.8 D=0.24 m;

n—the number of revolutions of the screw shaft Taking cement as an example, n=60 r/min;

— Material filling factor = 0.28;

ρ—material bulk density (t/m3) cement ρ=1.5 t/m3;

c—Conveyor inclination coefficient Horizontal c=1.

In order to make up for the subsidence of coarse aggregate and improve the specific gravity and uniformity of concrete;

Facility joints and construction joints should be left at a distance of 500 mm from the wall body from the bottom plate, and water-stop structural measures should be taken. When setting the metal waterstop, the width and thickness should meet the requirements of the specification and the joints should be welded, and the folded edge should face the water-facing surface. When the metal waterstop passes through the column, the disconnected column stirrups are strictly prohibited to be welded on the metal waterstop. , The lap joint of the metal water stop should be fully welded. The rubber water stop at the deformation joint must be fixed on the steel bars on both sides of the drawing wire. When pouring concrete, it is strictly prevented from tipping over from one side. When vibrating, both sides are evenly inserted to ensure the accurate position of the water stop. In the process of concrete insertion vibration, it is necessary to prevent the vibrating rod from directly acting on the wall-penetrating casing and the wall-penetrating bolts for the formwork, so as to avoid displacement of the casing or damage to the water stop ring; ⑥ When the commercial concrete reaches the site, the slump changes When it is small and difficult to pump, it is strictly forbidden to add water directly to the concrete during pumping; ⑦ The interval between the two times of concrete pouring should not be too short, and before the second pouring, debris cleaning, laitance removal and concrete surface chiseling should be carried out. For rough treatment, grouting should be spread first when pouring, and the vibrating rod should not act directly on the steel bars, otherwise the poured concrete will be loosened, which will affect the impermeability of the concrete; , grinding slag powder and other admixtures; adding admixtures such as water reducing agent, retarder, expansion agent; temperature measurement should be carried out according to the requirements of the specification, and the temperature of the concrete should not be higher than 28 ℃ when entering the mold, and the concrete should be pre-buried inside. Pipes, water cooling and heat dissipation; adopt heat preservation and moisturizing maintenance, control the difference between the concrete center temperature and the surface temperature not more than 25 ℃, the difference between the concrete surface temperature and the atmospheric temperature should not exceed 25 ℃, and the curing time should not be less than 14 days.

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(3) Post-event control. The post-event control is the control after the basement structure concrete is poured and tamped, which includes formwork removal, maintenance work, construction load control, and construction of additional waterproof layers. ①Underground concrete wall panel structural formwork should not be removed too early, otherwise it is very easy to cause penetrating cracks on the concrete structure wall due to temperature difference stress and loosening of through-wall bolts, which become water seepage channels; ②The new waterproof material with good performance and reliable quality is used. Improve the guarantee of waterproof engineering quality. When the waterproof material enters the site, it must be checked whether it meets the design requirements, the factory certificate is checked, and it can only be used after passing the sampling test, and a special person must be sent to check and accept the process; ③ For the basement buried deeper and the groundwater level higher , In the case of high requirements for impermeability, multi-layer composite waterproof measures should be used. On the premise of structural waterproofing, multi-layer flexible waterproofing should be done on the outer wall to effectively protect the waterproof layer. Layered ramming and filling with clay can have a good waterproof and impermeability effect; ④Concrete should be

The maintenance time should meet the requirements of the specification, so that the water lost by the evaporation of the concrete can be fully replenished, and the plastic shrinkage cracks can be reduced to effectively prevent the leakage of water; The design load cannot be exceeded to prevent the occurrence of structural cracks and lead to water leakage. If there is water leakage in the basement, it is necessary to carefully analyze the reasons, formulate effective repair plans and measures, and make repair records.


To solve the problem of water leakage of basement concrete wall panels, only the joint attention and efforts of the construction unit, the design unit, the supervision unit and the construction unit are required. The construction unit must increase a certain amount of investment; The chemical and structural measures should be effective, and new materials and new technologies should be adopted; the supervision unit should track and monitor the quality of the process, and each process can be transferred to the next process after passing the inspection; With effective control, the leakage problem of basement concrete wall panels can be prevented.

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