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Dental Deep Cleaning- Why You Need This Service

When a dentist recommends a deep dental cleaning, you may wonder if you need it. Well, the answer is yes. Dental deep cleaning or gum therapy is a treatment that cleans between the teeth and gums down to the tooth’s root. Like regular cleaning, a dentist cleans the tooth and the gum line and areas on the sides of the teeth. Additionally, in deep cleaning, the dental specialist continues to eliminate tartar buildup in parts below the gum line reaching as far as the root. The process is also known as root planing and scaling. Dental deep cleaning is more extensive compared to regular cleaning. It is designed to combat gum disease and prevent it from worsening. If you want to learn more about dental deep cleaning and why it is vital for your oral and general health, reach out to a Woodlands dentist to examine your gums and teeth. The dentist will tell you if you are due for the procedure.

Deep Teeth Cleaning vs. Regular Cleaning

The mouth has bacteria and plaque that are constantly building up. This is why you are advised to adhere to a twice-a-day brushing and flossing plan. Routine examinations and cleanings help get rid of plaque that accumulates on your teeth. A majority of plaque forms near the gum line because we tend to miss this area when brushing. As plaque hardens to form tartar, you will need to ensure that you remove it by cleaning. Otherwise, plaque can cause gum disease, and tartar stains your teeth.

When you do not follow a regular tooth brushing regimen, your gums may suffer from gingivitis, which presents as red, swollen gums. With gingivitis, the gums bleed easily if you touch them. Therefore, if you do not treat it, periodontal disease develops and affects the gums and bone. Eventually, you may lose your tooth.

Comparing deep cleaning with regular teeth cleaning is like comparing oranges and apples. These two procedures do different things though they may have a common goal of ensuring a healthy smile. Regular teeth cleaning is a preventive maintenance procedure, while deep teeth cleaning aims at stopping the worsening and progression of periodontitis.

Do you Need Deep Teeth Cleaning?

To know if you need to have a dental deep cleaning, only a dentist can tell. If a visit to a dentist shows significant pockets measuring 4mm or greater, it means you are in the stages of periodontal disease. So you may need deep teeth cleaning. Without treatment, bacteria in the gums continue creating plaque and tartar and contributing to bone loss.

You may risk losing your tooth and, worse still, suffering serious illnesses. Research shows a link between gum disease and illnesses such as dementia, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

Do not ignore the regular dental checkups and exams as they can unearth gum disease at its initial stages, making it easier to treat. If you have not had deep teeth cleaning for the last six months, it is time you visited a dentist for thorough full-mouth cleaning.

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