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Crypto promotion on Instagram

Linking Instagram with cryptocurrencies and blockchain was not easy. At one point, it became clear that cryptocurrency companies were prohibited from using Instagram for advertising. On the other hand, they said that in fact there is no boycott, and it should not affect the cryptocurrency companies. Meta is indeed in the process of launching its cryptocurrency project Libra. Given all these fluctuations and the need for clear answers, many blockchain business concepts suggest that cryptocurrencies can be promoted on Instagram.

What the experts say

Based on the information provided by Instagram, it’s safe to assume that most blockchain projects that don’t do ICOs and don’t offer anything wrong won’t run into any problems.

Promoting cryptocurrencies online

According to SEC Chairman Gary Gensler, you’ll need a longer hashtag to do that. Distributing datasets allows authorized individuals to get the same information at the same time to increase suitability, gain acceptance and arrange pounding. In most cases, it works with a tool to buy real Instagram followers to promote a particular product, and in the sales phase, the technology ensures a secure and speedy transaction.

After the SEC filed charges against Kim Kardashian for promoting the EthereumMax token (EMAX) online, Gensler clarified the rules for online cryptocurrency influencers.

Kim Kardashian was fined $1.26 million for failing to disclose the $250,000 she received for sharing an Instagram post promoting the cryptocurrency EthereumMax. Gensler said today that although Kardashian used a hashtag under the post to clarify that the ad was paid for, she still violated SEC requirements by failing to disclose “the amount it was paid for and its nature.” The reason he needed this additional information was due to the fact that he was promoting securities, and Gensler refrained from doing so throughout the year.

Can cryptocurrencies be promoted on Instagram?

Instagram, a company owned by Facebook, has a similar (if not the same) policy regarding cryptocurrency advertising. However, we have seen at least one ad campaign from a cryptocurrency company on Instagram.

One such company that has successfully (at least for a short period of time) placed cryptocurrency ads on Instagram is CoinTracker, a San Francisco-based cryptocurrency and tax reporting software company. This was reported by many technology and cryptocurrency bloggers. Very often, these bloggers buy Instagram followers to inform more and more people about the latest news and changes in the field. Keep up with the news and stay up to date with new information, which is very important at this point. However, it seems that most brands have to rely on Instagram to promote their brands.

Where can you promote cryptocurrencies?

With Facebook and Instagram essentially out of the picture, cryptocurrency companies are looking for other ways to increase their visibility and attract customers. Listed below are the various advertising channels available to blockchain companies:

Influencer marketing.

Because influencer marketing allows brands to bypass the need for advertising approvals through advertising platforms such as Instagram, it has become one of the most popular advertising strategies in blockchain.

VIPLikes operates the world’s largest network of influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, podcasts, blogs and more.


Search engine optimization has also become a popular destination for blockchain marketers. This is because SEO provides organic and consistent traffic without the need for a third-party consent.


Similar to Google ads, you can place media ads through a number of crypto-publishers and news sites with a relatively good price per thousand impressions.

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