CBD For Women: 5 Facts You Must Know

CBD For Women: 5 Facts You Must Know

Women play multiple roles in their lifetime. A career-oriented woman, a daughter, a wife, a mother, and often juggle between all these roles and yet manage to strike the right balance. Meanwhile, they also try to stay fit, eat healthily, take care of the family, and maintain their cool at the same time. Doing yoga and practicing meditation can help to some extent to keep things from getting on their nerves. Here is good news for all the superwomen out there-CBD oil is a multitasking supplement to take care of all your health concerns. Read more in this article to know the benefits of CBD oil. Let’s first get a brief of what CBD is.

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is a non-intoxicating chemical compound derived from the hemp plant. This component has many health benefits without getting the user high. One can take CBD in the form of CBD oil and use as tinctures, topicals, creams, edibles, and many more. CBD is accessible in different concentrations to treat many physical and mental health issues. Women, especially, can use this to get relief from their menstrual cramps, anxiety, treat skincare problems, boost the immune system, etc.

Let’s get into five facts that you must know about CBD’s use for a woman’s health.

1. Anxiety and depression

Anxiety is the body’s way of responding to high-stress. Feeling anxious about moving to a new place or starting a new job is normal. But if the stress is severe and interfering with the day to day activities, then it can result in an anxiety disorder. This disorder can get extreme and prevent a woman from doing tasks that she loves, like getting out of the house to go shopping and might get worse if left untreated. According to a study, women are more susceptible to getting anxiety disorder than men. Depression is another mental issue complained about by most women.

CBD helps in relaxing the mind, inducing sleep, and helps to have a sound sleep. Low serotonin levels are responsible for anxiety and depression. CBD helps in increasing the serotonin levels and stimulates the dopamine creation.

2. Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Every woman goes through the monthly menstruation cycle. Premenstrual syndrome is a common word for various symptoms that happen before getting your periods. A woman’s body goes through a lot of physical and emotional changes throughout the menstrual cycle. The symptoms involve bloating, cramps, anxiety, muscle aches, and mood swings.

CBD is beneficial in giving relief from cramps, moodiness, and nausea. During and before periods, the estrogen levels in the body fall, which affects the serotonin levels. The serotonin levels influence a woman’s mood, sleep pattern, and their appetite. CBD has positive effects when the cannabinoid receptors stimulate the CB2 receptors to alleviate the symptoms caused by low serotonin levels. Women can use CBD in the form of tinctures because of its ease of use. They can consume orally or apply to the pain area for relief. For oral consumption of CBD, choose high-quality cbd capsules canada. Vaping CBD e-liquid is also a popular option that women are trying these days for a sound sleep.

3. Skincare

Women are also particular about their skin and what products will take care of skin health. Skin aging is a natural process of the body. The skin starts losing its texture, starts getting smile lines, crows feet, and dark spots. Collagen helps in holding the skin at the right place, preventing it from sagging, and provides structure to the bones and nails. As per experts, collagen production in the body begins declining at a rapid rate after the age of 30. Along with the decline of collagen, exposure to harmful UV rays also stimulates the aging process. Women can apply CBD anti-aging creams to stimulate collagen production and slow down the early signs of aging. It protects the skin by reducing the damage caused by free radicals and inflammation.

4. Weight Management

Due to the high testosterone levels, men lose weight faster than women. They have a higher muscle mass, which keeps them fit. But for women, they have to work a little hard to lose the same weight. So this is a fantastic fact for all the women out there, that taking CBD might help in weight loss. According to a study, taking CBD in smaller doses interacts with the brain receptors, which boosts metabolism and decreases food intake.

The human body consists of white fat and brown fat. White fat’s purpose is to store and provide energy. It also protects us from diseases like diabetes by producing a hormone named adiponectin, whereas brown fat is useful in generating heat by consuming calories. Lean people have more brown fat as compared to obese people. During exercise, the body converts white fat into brown fat, which helps in losing weight. Research shows that CBD helps in the browning of white fat and enhances the production of brown fat. CBD oil for weight loss can be consumed via capsules. If you are in Canada, then search online CBD vape pen to find the best dealers nearby.

5. Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is another dreadful disease diagnosed in women. Women with breast cancer feel breast pain, nipple skin peeling, and a lump on their breast. The most common treatment of cancer is chemotherapy, which treats cancer, but also comes with a lot of side-effects. Chemotherapy causes nerve damages in the cancer patient and a lot of pain. CBD acts as a pain reliever and reduces inflammation.

Chemotherapy kills the cancerous cells but unintentionally can harm the healthy cells too. It causes side effects like hair loss, low immunity, and anemia. CBD helps regulate the count of healthy cells in the body by initiating cell regeneration.

The Id-1 gene is responsible for the spread and migration of tumor cells in metastatic breast cancer. Study shows that CBD modifies and reduces the Id-1 gene, which helps in preventing the aggressive growth of tumor cells. Consuming CBD also helps in reducing the size of tumor cells when taken along with the cancer treatment.

Thus, taking CBD helps in better management of chemotherapy side-effects.


CBD is a miracle drug that has multiple benefits. Use it to manage your stress, pain, hormonal imbalances, your acne, and almost everything that concerns a woman’s health. Remember to consult your doctor to understand the right dosage and concentration you need to take. The levels vary from person to person and from disease to disease. Therefore, getting the correct information from a doctor will help in seeing fruitful results.