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Card Game Go Up And Tips To Remember Hundred Battles Of Hundred Wins

Card Game Tien Len The South has always been attractive to players. To be able to wipe out the money of the same player is not random. In addition to the luck factor, they also have a secret that not everyone knows. Below, Nhà cái Hi88 will reveal to you about super powerful tips to remember hundreds of games to win.

What are the rules of the card game Tien Len in the South?

To be able to easily play Tien Len for money, you first need to know the rules of the game. This mastery will help you flexibly handle situations, limiting mistakes that lead to unjust punishment. You can even protect yourself when you are “forced”.

Know the rules before playing the card game Tien Len

This is also a necessary and sufficient condition to help players memorize cards for a long time. From there, you gain the confidence to finish the game card game Tien Len Hi88 Hurry and win.

At the beginning of the game Tien Len South, each player on the table is dealt 13 cards. The turn of the card game will be counter-clockwise. In the first game, the player who owns the 3-of-a-side card goes first and must play the 3-of-blades card first. In the following games, the winner will have the right to start first.

To block the person ahead you need a card, a higher deck to block. If you can’t block, you lose your turn and give it to the next person.

If no one can chop the card just played, the turn is considered over. At this time, the player who has just played can continue to play the cards he wants.Keep doing this until the person who runs out of cards first wins and the rest are counted as losers.

2 ways to memorize the song Tien Len in the South

Everyone wants to be able to memorize songs quickly and accurately when playing Tien Len card game . Usually, there are two ways to remember the most popular lessons as follows:

Method 1: Remember the card you played

You need to remember what the cards in the game you played are. Based on that as a basis for you to determine the next move.

In the first game, sometimes the player is easily affected by his ability to memorize. Therefore, you need to learn how to arrange the cards, calculate the appropriate moves in advance. At the same time, you should constantly review the situation to apply tactics to hit, block the opponent’s cards or run away when needed.

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Method 2: Remember the opponent’s cards played

Remembering the opponent’s hand has played will greatly determine the odds of winning or losing. Chance to win Tien Len card game will double if you remember most of the cards your opponent has taken. Combined with looking at the cards in your hand, you will predict the remaining cards of your opponent. This will also minimize the risk of you being blocked two, caught cards.

Remember the cards your opponent has played It will greatly determine the win or lose rate

Note, memorizing your opponent’s cards can cause some confusion, making it harder for you to concentrate. Therefore, you try to memorize their cards at the time of the spread at the end of the game.

Tips to memorize the song Tien Len South quickly and simply

Without giving you a headache thinking, in this part, bookie Hi88 I will give you some tips. So that you can easily memorize the song Tien Len in the simplest and fastest way.

Remember in order of posts

In this way, you will remember in order of cards from low to high and play in order. You should remember to follow a certain logic. Instead of focusing on remembering each card, it will be relatively difficult, possibly confused.

Remember the pig card in every game of card game Tien Len

Card 2 in Tien Len card game  Also known as the “pig” and is also the card with the greatest value. It can block most other cards. The power of card 2 in order of low – high is spades, cloves, checkers, and muscles.

Remember the pig card while playing the card game Tien Len

Players must know which 2 pieces they hold in their hands and especially remember whether the opponent has played 2, which 2 is what? Then, depending on the game situation for you to counterattack when the time comes.

Remember the cards of the previous games

One of the card memory tips that not everyone knows, but it is relatively safe and applicable, is to remember as much as possible the cards of the previous games. Go to this next game, the probability of you holding those cards is quite low. Therefore, you will have the optimal strategy and move.

Advanced memorization tips in the card game Tien Len

Thanks to advanced cards is the preferred method of remembering high-value cards. Including 2, Ace, K, Q, J. 10. According to Tien Len masters, memorizing the high cards will be more effective than remembering the low cards.

Use hidden cards and psychological attack tactics

Players can use the strategy of hiding cards to quickly win in the game Tien Len South. Accordingly, the opponent will not be sure how many cards you have in your hand and what cards are. You will increase the probability of blocking your opponent’s cards, making them even more confused when playing cards.

With the ways to remember the Tien Len lesson listed above, hope it will work for you. Try to apply them when participating Tien Len card game  southern by downloading Hi88 to your device right away.

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