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Boosting Small Businesses with Innovative Flyer and Sticker Ideas: 2021 Guide

Creative flyers and stickers have always been amazing when it comes to creatively promoting or advertising anything. For smaller businesses that are already juggling between limited budget and tough competition, nothing can make them stand out than flyers and custom stickers which is an inexpensive marketing strategy that if done right and creatively can work wonders.

At the same time, stickers can be thought of as an underused marketing product mostly because of the aesthetics which raises the risk of devaluing a brand or business. However, such isn’t always the case as investing in quality stickers, flyers and labels can surely make your brand compete equally to the counterparts.

It’s all about how much you invest in marketing and creative designing to decide the outcome of the corporate flyers and stickers. In today’s digitally saturated world, have a look at how inexpensive sticker and flyer printing business can make you win an audience while giving your business the visibility it deserves.

Cool Graphics & Creative Imagery

People fall head over heels for colourful photos, cleaner texts and stunning graphics; all combining to create a lasting and far-reaching impact than plain text. The same approach can be taken to make your print flyers and stickers stand out as a truly spectacular graphic illustration or image can tap into human emotion and move the customer in making a firm decision.

Printed images or computer-based graphics on flyers and stickers have everything it takes to grab the audience’s attention; however, to ensure your small business surely gets the winning cut without losing the budget, have your project managed by a professional flyer printing company in Dubai.

A Creative Title or Header

Both, small and bigger businesses can benefit a lot from flyer and sticker printing. As a business, you need to understand your target market, their demographic and psychographic to have your creative marketing strategy designed accordingly.

Irrelevant marketing tactics or careless use of graphics or imagery can even spark offense or violence which is why research on the target market is extremely important. Once done, you have your flyer and sticker title/label accordingly that has the potential to talk about your service offering in one go, using bare minimum text.

Highlight Key Offerings & Features

Flyers, stickers, hang tags, custom sticky notes, business cards and more have a common objective, i.e., inform via creative marketing. Whether your small business is all set to launch, host an event or even give any promotional offers to users, flyers and stickers can raise awareness especially amongst the local neighbourhood.

In case your business is running a club, restaurant or any other small-scale setup, you would need a quick promotion and print marketing collateral within 24-hours. This is when a creative printing agency comes to the rescue and in this particular case, finds one that deals with flyer and sticker printing. While designing, make sure that it highlights key offering, features and takeaways that are basics to draw the audience to your business.

Fonts & Typography Essentials

For both flyers and stickers, the best and common practice for fonts and typesetting selection is keeping things simpler, easy to read. While doing so, keep the font size that’s print-friendly yet easily readable by viewers. If you’re in-fact choosing between fonts, keep the choice limited to only two throughout the flyer and sticker design. Variation in fonts and sizes can be in the heading and body text. It’s better to let a professional flyer and sticker printing company take the project and let your small business venture thrive while saving a lot of print budget.

Simple & Less Content

When designing a flyer or sticker for printing, it’s obvious that customers would get more attracted to colourful graphics, creative and interactive design as well as paper quality. The next best thing is the use of bullet points which describes the basic purpose of flyer or sticker print for which you should go along with simpler words, concise text and say-it-all-for-less approach (less content).

All that said, a cluttered or stuffy design can ruin even the finest piece of printing as you’ve micro seconds to grab audiences’ attention. Be super creative with texts, images, titles and design while applying a combination of all without bloating it.

Key Elements for Flyers & Stickers

Here’re a few key things to include in your flyers. For stickers in particular, items would be much fewer given to the spacing and size limitations.

  • Contact Information – For flyers in particular, include your business name, address, contact number and website. Also mention social media handles (if you have any).
  • Headline/Title – Your first chance to attract and make an impression is through the title or creative headline so be sure yours communicates well and stands
  • Visuals – Apply amazing photography, creative designing, colours and illustrations so on to get the message communicated. After all, visual communication is the core element of flyers and stickers so be extra careful, creative and best at it.
  • Branding – Both flyers and stickers need to include your unique corporate identity. Let your customers know your business by a creative logo.
  • Composition & Layout – All the information should be properly aligned, readable and unified as per the design. Rather than filling it all up with text, use creative imagery to communicate your ideas and do keep empty space for clarity, readability and eye rest.
  • Call to Action (CTA) – Always include a strong call to action that’s compelling enough to tap into human emotion and prompt them in taking an action. Use an active voice with a sense of urgency to it.

Let your small business thrive and connect with a wider network through inexpensive yet highly creative flyer and sticker printing strategies.

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