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Boosting Online Sales in 2021: 5 Pro Tips

Whether you run a big or small online business, I’m sure that your primary objective is to boost your online sales, beat your last year’s sales so that your business can continue generating more revenue. However, increasing online sales in the eCommerce world is not a straightforward activity. The thing is, there are lots of online marketing strategies to experiment with. 

With that said, creating and executing a solid online customer engagement plan can make it easier for you as you work to boost your online sales. In this post, we have discussed the top 5 pro tips that will help you boost your online sales in 2021. Read on for more information. 

Define your sales goals

A post by Harvard Business Review said that “When 10%–20% of salespeople miss goals, the problem might be the salespeople. But when most salespeople miss, the problem is their goals.”

The first step towards boosting your online sales is defining your sales objectives. This means identifying the percentage of growth you want to target depending on the specific strategies—and these strategies should be aligned with your revenue goals. 

It’s very important to define the revenue goals at every phase of your business. Here are a few ways to help you in defining your sales goals:

  • Conducting market research – the first step towards creating a solid sales plan is understanding your market. Thorough research can help you to get more insights into your target market segmentation, pain points, buying patterns, and goals.
  • Creating buyer personas – the insights you get once you do market research will make it easier for you to create buyer personas, as well as develop better content for your target customers. Typically, buyer personas will keep you focused on addressing customer wants, needs, and priorities. 
  • Defining your marketing plan – depending on the buyer personas and market research, you can outline your strategy and implement it effectively to boost online sales conversions. 

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Another secret to boosting your online sales is by ranking at the top of search engine research pages (SERPS). The greatest benefit of SEO is that it helps to drive massive traffic and online sales at a lower marketing cost. With SEO, you can identify the most relevant and essential keywords that rank well in Google, and use them to target your prospective customers. 

Another SEO strategy to help you in boosting your online sales is creating fresh content. Such content will help you increase user experience, and allow you to target keywords that you might not have used before. When creating topics for your content, think of the questions that people ask frequently about your products or services. 

Improve your website’s user experience

A well-designed website is the first step towards delivering a good user experience. And to design a good website experience, you must understand the challenges that users face. Because websites have become essential tools for boosting online sales, it’s essential to consider essential components when designing your website. 

Here are a few components of a website that help you to boost your online sales:

  • Strategically placed call-to-action (CTA) buttons – always make sure that CTA is the first thing your customers see, as it motivates them to take the required action. So, you should make sure that your CTAs are well placed, and website visitors can see them easily. 
  • Make it easier for users to navigate your website – simple website navigation will make it easier for users to find the information they want, and this increases the chances of the users converting. 
  • Use attractive headings – headings make it easier for users to scan through your website and find the content that they need. When creating your headings, ensure that you consider what your prospective customers want. 


Now, who doesn’t like to get a good deal? Promotions can be your best weapon towards boosting your online sales. With the right strategy, promotions can accelerate your marketing drastically. When creating a promotion for your products or services, ensure that it incorporates their features and benefits. Then, make sure you tell your prospective customers how your products or services fit into their lives, and the emotional benefit they will get from what you are offering. 

For this strategy to be effective, ensure that you have different promotions at different intervals and times. Also, setting up promotions during holidays can boost your online sales, as most people tend to spend more during such periods. 

Make the checkout process easier

Despite the massive growth we’ve seen in eCommerce businesses, most retailers face a big challenge with checkout conversions. And, this might be the reason why you are losing sales. Therefore, it’s important to make your checkout process easier to avoid annoying your customers. 

Statistics show that close to 26% of online shoppers will leave your website if they face a complicated checkout process. Besides, eCommerce businesses lose around $8 billion every year as a result of customers abandoning their carts. 

Here are a few ways to reduce your cart abandonment rate:

  • Make the payment process as seamless as possible, and with very few steps. 
  • Offer real-time sales assistance using a chatbot or live chat. 
  • Provide numerous payment options. 

Bottom Line

When implemented, these tips will help you to boost your online sales. Besides, make sure that you adopt an address validation tool to streamline your shipping process. Today, there are numerous companies like Byteplant that provide address validation tools for eCommerce businesses. Take advantage of such solutions to streamline your business.

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