Best things to do in Sri Lanka for an authentic experience

Best things to do in Sri Lanka for an authentic experience

Ah! So, you heard about the wonders of this pearl island, and now you are craving to explore the beauties it holds. I will unravel the perfect itinerary that includes the best things to do in Sri Lanka. Tropical paradise lovers, this one’s for you!

Start by enjoying the Frescos in Sigiriya Rock Fortress

One of the best things to do in Sri Lanka is to explore the ancient beauties that the legendary kings of the island have left behind. Discover the mirror walls, Sigiriya frescoes, antique art galleries, and more ruins that date back to 4000 years!

Wander around Sri Lanka’s cultural capital: Kandy

Among the things to do in Sri Lanka, visiting Kandy that rests in the emerald hill-country with charming tea plantations and traditional wall arts and handicrafts is a must-do. Enjoy a batik factory experience while you are wandering around the streets with friendly locals. While you are in Kandy, enjoy one of the most picturesque train rides in the world – a must-do thing to spice up your Sri Lanka tour package!

Taste the heavenly Ceylon tea in Nuwara Eliya

If you think Sri Lanka is just a tropical island, you will miss out so much! One of the best things to do in Sri Lanka is tasting rich Ceylon tea in Nuwara Eliya. It is also known as Little England for its cold weather, British-colonial era surroundings, and horses galloping around the city – A must-visit place in Sri Lanka!

Taste Sri Lanka’s natural toddy in Sinharaja

It is no wonder that a must-do-thing to do in Sri Lanka is visiting one of its rainforests. Jungle trekking is popular among locals and tourists alike as it unfolds the beauties of the natural world in a whole new light. Camp in Sinharaja forest and taste natural toddy in the middle of nowhere!

Devour a grand seafood buffet in Bentota

Sri Lankan buffets are always grand, and in Bentota beach, no one says no to a king-size seafood buffet with Asia’s most famous crab dish! What are more things to do in Sri Lanka’s Bentota? Enjoy beach parties, Sri Lankan cocktails, water sports, and don’t forget to watch the spectacular sunset!

Visit the largest historical fortress in Asia: Galle fort

With plenty of things to do in Sri Lanka, Galle is a must-visit place. Explore traditional handicrafts and century-old maritime museums. Boat and mountain bike tours are also amazing things to do in the beautiful city: Galle. Enjoy the turquoise waters of the beautiful sea in the evening. While you are at it, watch how local stilt fishermen fish in style!

Out of the things to do in Sri Lanka, these are the best things to try if you are looking to keep your Sri Lanka trip plan as tropical as it is. Don’t forget to try the sweet tropical fruits and famous rice and curry meals that will leave you in seventh heaven! After all, the best things to do in Sri Lanka are better experienced than said. If you need more help in planning your Sri Lanka itinerary, or to know more of the things to do in Sri Lanka, call a trusty old local travel agency.