Benefits of harvesting water using the 5000 litres tanks

Benefits of harvesting water using the 5000 litres tanks

This is a well-known tank for portable drinking water and rain harvesting. It is also used to store water for construction, industrial and agricultural use. The tanks are designed into different shapes and painted in different colors. The focal point of this article is to learn more about  the 5000 litre  water tank in general.

The tank has a diameter of 1.9m and a height of 2.3m. It also has 4 flat areas around the top area mount the inlet and the outlet. The portable water tanks have a non-vented to prevent the entry of dust and insects whereas those that are used to harvest water have a vented lid.

Is it possible to get a rainwater filter for the 5000 ltr water tank?

It is very possible to get rainwater harvesting filters. The rain harvesting tank is a one-piece, seamless, rationally molded tank that assures strength, impact resistance, and durability for a long time. The tanks facilitate the harvesting of the rainwater that is conserved for future use. The harvested water is mainly used when water is not available both for commercial and domestic use.

Key features for the 5000-liter water tank

Algae formation protection


Rustproof they are molded from 100% food and drug administration-approved materials that are not prone to rust.

Molded for seamless protection

Light weight

Durable it has a corrugated body that makes it more durable and easy to use.

The tank is elastic thus it provides better impact strength. It also helps in easy expansion and contraction during the day and night.

The tanks are double layered to make sure that the inner layer is white thus allowing us to view whether the tank is clean or dirty.

Usage of the 5000-liter tank

It is used to store water and food-grade chemicals.

It is used to store water for irrigation purposes.

It is used to harvest clean water during the rainy seasons.

It is used to store water with chemicals to treat plants.

Used to store water for commercial and domestic use.

5000 ltr water tank price in Kenya is affordable.

The Benefits

It will reduce your dependency on the main water supply. Savings can only be achieved on an individual basis because they are many factors to consider. The demand for non-potable water is the key factor that will influence savings.

The other factor is the amount of rainwater that can be harvested and lastly whether the property is charged by the volume used. In areas where there are large rooftops, savings are higher. These areas include commercial buildings and institutions. They are capable of recovering non-portable water used for example in flushing toilets within a very short period.


The 5000 ltr water tank has greatly helped in minimizing the water shortage, especially during drought periods. With their affordability, many homes, institutions, and commercial places have been able to purchase them. Credit goes to those companies that manufacture these tanks.