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Bali Ecotourism Destinations That You Must Visit

Ecotourism is traveling to a particular area to enjoy and learn various things in the area concerned. In general, ecotourism will teach you about the history, culture, and nature of the place. Bali is one of the areas used widely by travelers carrying out ecotourism.

In addition to studying various things related to the region, ecotourism also supports local nature conservation. Ecotourism activities have a positive impact on local culture and the environment.

List of Ecotourism Villages in Bali

Many villages in Bali are constantly developing ecotourism villages to attract tourists’ attention. Bali is an international tourist destination, so many travelers who do Balinese ecotourism come to Bali from abroad. Here is a list of ecotourism villages developed on Dewata Island:

1. Pelaga Village

Pelaga Village is one of Bali’s tourist villages, which is famous for its agro-tourism. In this village, tourists can learn directly in processing plantations, from planting seeds to harvesting. The concept applied here is that tourists can have direct interactions with farmers. Various kinds of plants developed here, such as fruits, vegetables, and flowers. The Agricultural Culture Festival is an annual event created by the local government. There is also Mangu Peak that became a tourist attraction of the Pelaga Village.

2. Tenganan Village

Tenganan Village is a reasonably old village in Bali with a unique tradition you can’t find in other areas. The uniqueness is the building of a traditional house, gringsing woven fabric, and the ritual of war of sight.

3. Pemuteran Village

This village, located close to the tour of the West Bali National Park, is known to have a coastline and green hills. The shade of the beach and the sunset in this village is not far from the beauty of Gili Trawangan Bali. Hilly tourism in this village is unique and owned by other regions, one of them is the view of Batu Hill.

4. Nyambu Village

Nyambu Village is known for its natural beauty in the form of a subordinate. Tourists who aim to ecotourism in this village can do cultural tours and river tours.

5. Penglipuran Village

The beauty and uniqueness of this village are already very well known in international circles. One of the uniqueness of this village is the form of buildings which are traditional and neatly arranged houses.

6. Perancak Village

Perancak Village is an ecotourism village that has many exciting tourist attractions. The livelihood in this village is essentially a fisherman. In this village area, a mangrove forest grows very fertile.

The natural beauty of Bali will indeed be endless to be discussed. Therefore, Bali has enormous potential to continue to develop ecotourism villages. In addition to attracting visitors, ecotourism activities can improve the welfare of the place.

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