Artist Kimberly Torres: The Female Minority Top Trader Disrupting The Online Space

Artist Kimberly Torres: The Female Minority Top Trader Disrupting The Online Space

A cop approached Kimberly Torres and introduced her to stock options and then to forex six years ago. Forex, being a new space, was a hard nut to crack. She says, “I have been through hell and back.”

Often she felt like giving up along the way. However, deep within her, she knew it was an option. Kimberly was neither special nor the smartest. But by having a purpose, she kept moving closer towards her dreams. She says, “Without the purpose, I would have given up immediately after the first storm.”

True Success Is Helping Others Succeed

We live in a selfish society where everyone wants things for themselves without caring for others. However, it would help if you are in an advantageous position to help others achieve their small goals.

Kimberly has helped many families get out of debt. Additionally, she is showing people the light and educating them to break the generational curse of poverty. She mentors over 100k people a week, and her students are following in her footsteps. She has one student operating an 8-figure business while two others are at 6-7 figures.

What Makes Kimberly Unique?

Kimberly is a hardworking visionary who understands the benefits of hard work. She has developed a routine of doing her craft passionately and consistently to ensure she delivers results. She not only focuses on her life but also the life of those she teaches and mentors.

Additionally, Kimberly is very patient. We live in a world where most people want instant things. However, good things happen to those who wait. You need to be patient and learn that skill will push you to the next level. This quality is what made Kimberly learn the trading, and today she prides on a successful life.

Kimberly uses herself as an example to prove that anyone anywhere can do anything they want through zeal and determination. You can not only shine but also inspire others to attain their goals. Something else that defines this lady is her resilience. Resilience will help you develop a mechanism for protection against experiences that could be overwhelming. It can also help you maintain balance in your life during difficult or stressful periods. Resilience can also protect you from developing some mental health difficulties.


Are you looking to be a forex trader or work online? Connect to Kimberly Torres today for a step guide on how you can disrupt the market.

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