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Animal Crossing New Horizons How To Transfer The Island – Introduction To Island Transfer Function

Island transfer is a service that transfers the island to another host in Animal Crossing New Horizons. For example, if you buy a new Nintendo switch and the host that has played so far will no longer play, please use this method. And if you are looking for Animal Crossing Bells or ACNH NMT to travel to another island, welcome to visit akrpg and enjoy the best price to buy ACNH Bells, AC Items & more.

ACNH Island Transfer Guide

The collection saved in the original host! Storage information of Animal Crossing will be deleted.

  1. First transfer all “users” of the host.
  2. Then gather them! Animal crossing information transfer.

– Use the “island transfer” to collect all the things that can be transferred!

– For “users” of Nintendo switch, please go to “Settings” → “transfer users” in the home menu.

– The Nintendo switch host / Nintendo switch Lite host at the starting point of “island transfer”.

– Nintendo switch host / Nintendo switch Lite host of transfer destination

– If the host of the transfer destination already has a collection! Information stored by Animal Crossing New Horizons will be unable to transfer.

– Nintendo switch game software “Animal Crossing New Horizons island transfer”!

– Available for free download at Nintendo eshop.

– When downloading, you need a good network environment and Nintendo account.

– In order to transfer users, each user needs a Nintendo account. You do not need to join Nintendo switch online.

Steps Of “Island Transfer” ACNH

  1. Select “Settings” → “users” → “transfer users” in the home menu to transfer all users on the “host at the transfer starting point” to the “host at the transfer destination”.

– At this time, in addition to ACNH, all the saved software stored by users will be transferred to Animal Crossing hosts.

– There is no plural selection. You need to “transfer users” one by one.

– For some great Animal Crossing New Horizons island designs, please click here.

  1. After the transfer of all users is completed, a user named “user” will appear in the “host of the transfer starting point”. Please connect any Nintendo account with this user.

– You can use the Nintendo account that has been linked with the “host of transfer destination” user.

– Used when starting Nintendo eshop in step 3.

  1. Start Nintendo eshop on the “transfer starting point” and “transfer destination” hosts.
  2. Download Nintendo switch software “collection” in Nintendo eshop! Animal Crossing New Horizons.

If you use the same Nintendo account to download, after one host completes the download, you need to select “collection” in “user information” → “download again” on the other host! The Animal Crossing club transfer service is downloaded again.

  1. Start Nintendo switch software “collection” on two hosts! Animal Crossing New Horizons island transfer service.
  2. According to the instructions on the screen, select “next” → “I see” → “start”.
  3. Operate “host of transfer starting point” and select “as transfer starting point”.
  4. The island name will be displayed on the screen of “host of transfer starting point”. After confirming that it is correct, select “OK”.
  5. Operate “host of transfer destination” and select “receive”.
  6. Select “next” in “host of transfer origin”, and select “start receiving” in “host of transfer destination”.
  7. After a moment, the “host nickname” will be displayed on the “host transferring the starting point”. Follow the instructions on the screen and select “transfer” after confirming that it is correct.
  8. Operate “transfer destination host”. After completing step 11, wait a moment and the island name of “transfer starting point” will be displayed. According to the instructions on the screen, select “receive” after confirming that it is correct.
  9. When the [two] communicate through adjacent hosts, they will start to transfer the stored data.
  10. After [two stations] complete transmission, the message “stored data has been transferred” will be displayed.

The stored data saved on the transfer origin host will be deleted. You need to download the game software again.

That’s all about the introduction of the Animal Crossing New Horizons island transfer service!

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