Alternatives to Store Homemade Beauty Products

Alternatives to Store Homemade Beauty Products

It can be challenging to store natural alternatives for store-bought wellness and body care products. Our customers and friends often ask us about how to preserve homemade botanical goodies naturally. It’s not difficult to find a safe place to store your beauty products. Sometimes it can feel like that when you are trying to find a place to store your vast bottle of body lotion amid the chaos of your bathroom counter. Please don’t give up on your possessions and put them in a plastic bag below the sink. Instead, be creative and follow the below tips.

Keep it clean

To maximize shelf life, cleanliness is crucial. Make sure to use sterilized containers and jars. Recycle bottled and jarred packaged goods containers with hot water and soap. It’s a good idea to wash any new tins or jars before you use them. For an extra touch, we like to add some white vinegar to the wash and let them dry completely before using. The dishwasher is great for sterilizing and cleaning your containers. Before using the containers, make sure they are free of food particles or any other foreign matter. It is also true for oil infusion jars. Both bacteria and moisture can cause oils to go rancid quickly.

Consider purchasing designated equipment if you make a large number of balms and lotions. Use an immersion blender, spatula, and wooden spoon to make body care products. These are easily cleaned after use, but we try to distinguish between food preparation and lotion making.

Also, putting your dirty hands in jars of lotion or salve will introduce bacteria and reduce their shelf life. It’s a good idea for salves to wash hands and fingers before the dip in. To reduce the risk of oils getting into your eyes, use a flip-top bottle or a pump. Keep container lids tightly closed between uses.

Use Distilled Or Boiled water.

Water-based recipes can include water-based solutions with hydrosols and aloe vera gels, witch hazel extracts, tea infusions, and vegetable glycerine. Use distilled water, boil the water and let it cool before adding it to recipes. This will help to eliminate potential contaminants. Hydrosols, witch hazel extract, and aloe gel can be kept in the refrigerator to prolong their shelf life. This will also keep your creations fresher for longer.

Use antioxidants to extend life.

Although antioxidants aren’t considered to be preservatives by purists, they can slow down the oxidation of vulnerable ingredients. Oxidation refers to the process whereby oils and other ingredients are damaged by oxygen or exposure to air. Vitamin E oil and rosemary antioxidant oils are two good examples of natural stabilizers. These stabilizers are often used in homemade oils, body lotions, and lip gloss recipes to preserve the product’s integrity. These should be added to the oil base after it has been combined with melted butter and waxes. These should not be heated directly.

Use Alcohol As Preservative

Certain ingredients can restrain the maturity of bacteria and other unwanted microorganisms. To preserve and enhance botanical goodness, you can add alcohol extracts to your recipe. You can also use organic alcohol! Remember that alcohol can’t be mixed with any fats, so you should limit your use of alcohol to water-based formulas.

Store Carefully

It is crucial to store your products safely. We recommend that homemade beauty products be kept in an amber or cobalt bottle or jar rather than in a clear container. A dark color protects the serum from intense light, which can accelerate deterioration. It is a good idea to keep your creations away from direct sunlight and out of temperature fluctuations.

Lip balms and salves can melt in the summer heat. If left in cars or backpacks, they will often be subject to higher temperatures than the ambient room. Water-based products are best stored in the fridge. It can be more difficult to store your creations if you live in a hot or humid climate or mid-summer. Infused oils, vinegar, and beeswax are best kept in cool, dry areas. To prolong the life of your infusions, it is a good idea to remove as much plant material from them before you store them. Clear, tight lids containers protect from light and oxygen.

New or Reuse containers?

As discussed earlier, you can reuse bottles and containers to store beauty products, but make sure they are appropriately cleaned and distilled. A company that provides glass packaging has a variety of cosmetic containers and closures online. Make sure the closure fits the container or bottle you are looking for.

It is essential to indicate the neck size of each bottle. This can be shown as two numbers separated with an oblique (/):, for example, 26/600. 26 refers to the neck’s outside diameter in millimeters, and 600 refers to the thread style. It would help if you chose the same bottleneck reference for the closure. This will ensure that your product does not leak if the sizes are identical.

Size Matters

Keep in mind how small the batch is. A small product such as an eye cream, lip balm, or lip gloss will require a smaller container. A body cream, bath product, or other product that requires a larger container will also need a larger container than one for facial products. It is best to make a product that has a duration that matches the intended use.

This will ensure that you don’t have more than you can use in weeks or months. This will ensure that the product is fresh and can be used to its full potential. The right packaging size will prevent airspace from being left in the container. This could lead to unwelcome oxidation and may result in the product losing its quality.

Avoid light

Your products can be damaged by direct sunlight, UV rays, heat, humidity, and bacteria from your fingers. To avoid the light, keep your products in dark containers or dark cabinets.

Remember that homemade products can still be healthier than commercial products if you’re careful about how they are stored and used. So follow these tips and go a long way with your beauty products.

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