All about Israel, weather, religion, temperature

All about Israel, weather, religion, temperature

The ancient land of Israel, an independent nation in southwest Asia located between the eastern shores of Mediterranean Sea and head on Gulf of AQABA. It was established as a Jewish state May 14th 1948 with it being considered holy for Christians Jews & Muslims alike because at one point all three religions had prophets that came out their temples there so they can each share what God revealed to them about himself through prophecy before Jesus Christ revealed anything new when he died then rose again but not quite alive which made Christianity

Language of Israel

The official language of Israel is Hebrew. English, which has been used since biblical times to communicate with one another and now serves the country’s inhabitants as their common second tongue, can also be found all over this beautiful land that spans much more than just Palestine! And recently Russian speakers have become very popular too because it allows tourists from other parts of Europe or Asia who don’t know any Arabic languages at all an opportunity for communication while visiting Tel Aviv (which borders both Russia on its Eastern side).

Religion of Israel

The separation of religion from state and the inviolability for all religions’ holiest centers in Israel are guaranteed under law. Judaism’s supreme religious authority is vested with Chief Rabbinate, made up two chief rabbi: one Ashkenazi (from Europe) and another Sephardic Jew; additionally there exists a Supreme Rabbi Council to ensure unbroken tradition on matters relating rabbinical ordination.

Israel’s climate is Mediterranean in the north and arid to desert conditions south of Beersheba. In summer, an entire area above a subtropical high will be cloudless with no precipitation coming down as it usually does for other areas around this time period; however during winter when storms come over from a cyclonic depression near Europe bringing moderate amounts rain (700 mm/28 inches) most years because they go towards Gaza or Southern Israel rather than Northern parts where there isn’t much land available which could support some soil types necessary for agriculture–leading up into Jordan Valley

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The country of israel has a unique set if climate zones. The Dead Sea area, which lies at its lowest point on earth and borders Textures Arabia to Egypt in the east then west towards Jordan River Valley (Rift Vallely), experiences one extreme during winter months while other regions experience differing degrees heat throughout their year long journey thoughout this amazing nation

Averages summer temperatures range from 18 degree’s Celsius(65 Fahrenheit) – 32 C(90 fahrenheit).Winters are mild with average lows ranging between 14 Dégarde-57 Farenheit During these colder months there exist several hot spots across iza r